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Aug 30, 2012 11:41 AM

where, with a toddler, to meet kayakers for a drink at the Kingston Roundout?

My toddler and I will be meeting my spouse and her friend for drinks at the Roundout after they kayak the river (I promise they won't drink much so they can kayak back safely!!).

Where would be a good place? A nibble or two with the drinks wouldn't be bad, and it would be nice if it had pizza, fries, or nachos or quesadillas for the toddler.


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  1. There are several places--Mole, Mole on Lower Broadway is a couple hundred feet from the creek and has what you want. Then there is the Steel House which is right on the creek and has a back deck facing it. Finally, there is Rosita's (a Mexican restaurant), also directly on the creek.and also with an outdoor dining area in the back.

    If you're going for the food, choose Mole, Mole; if you want to sit outside choose the Steel House; if you are desperate, choose Rosita's.

    1. go on abeel st to armadillo's.

      george b on here swears by their hamburgers. i love most of their stuff (tuna, steaks, and regular mexican), and it's insanely kid friendly, along with dog.

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        Keep in mind that the Armadillo is open for lunch only on weekends. And yes, I do swear by their burgers.