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Aug 30, 2012 11:12 AM

Grill212 - anybody been yet? Manhattan, UWS

I somehow missed this opening. 212 W. 80th I've been missing Darna.

Anybody been yet?

It self-describes as Yemenite, and, the way I see it, since they can't spell "Shanitzel" , maybe they really are Timanim.

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  1. The menu looks like it's similar to Ali Baba (same price point). Is it sit down? Take out?

    1. There are a few tables in the back of this long narrow store. The food was absolutely delicious.
      I had the grilled chicken on a Laffa. There was a nice selection from the salad bar to choose from including, Moroccan carrots, potato salad, coleslaw etc. The tables are not as close together as in Ali Baba so I was much more comfortable. They make their own desserts which are typically Moroccan. I understand they will have challah and take out for shabbat in the next few weeks.

      1. They can't spell "Noodle" either (see Soup menu), so maybe theyr'e just bad spellers. :-)

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          Oh but Maven123 says they can cook; in my esperiense por speling does not produse gud cuking.

        2. I liked it a lot.

          The food tastes like what Grandma used to make, if your Grandma came from Sana'a.

          1. We had a very positive experience on Saturday night. The restaurant smelled wonderfully of baking bread. We ordered the Yemenite beef and calf's leg soups, which were rich and hearty; I wasn't quite expecting the cartilage in the calf's leg soup, but I enjoyed it anyway. They came with enormous loaves of Yemenite bread, perhaps a pound of bread per person, as well as dishes of hilba (Yemenite herb dip) and schug. My husband also got a falafel, which came with a salad bar; the falafel itself was quite good, the salad bar a respectable example of the form. I believe the whole thing cost about $28. The staff was friendly and pleasant, and we would definitely go back.