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Aug 30, 2012 11:08 AM

gift card for multiple Vancouver restaurants

I'm looking to find a gift card that applies to multiple restaurants in Vancouver, so the recipient can choose the style/type of restaurant to go to. Any suggestions?

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  1. off the top of my head, all i can think of is something like Glowbal Group ---- or one of the better hotel chains like (which has three hotels downtown + YVR + Whistler, Victoria, Seattle, etc) or

    1. I *believe* you can get gift certs for the Andrey Durbach/Chris Stewart restos: Sardine Can, Cafeteria, La Buca and Pied A Terre. Worth a call, anyway.

      1. Top Table offers a gift card for their restaurants (West, Blue Water, Cin Cin, Araxi, Thierry)

        1. Sequoia has one (Teahouse, Seasons, Cardero's, Sandbar)

          1. I'd also suggest Mark Brand Group (Boneta, Diamond, Save On & Sea Monstr) & Heather Group (Salt, Irish Heather, Bitter, Judas Goat, Everything Cafe, Fetch) could do something for you.