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Aug 30, 2012 10:28 AM

Xinjiang/Guizhou Cuisine in HK?

Compliments of the season,

When I lived in Hong Kong in 2005, there was (at least) one (modern) Xinjiang restaurant, found in Causeway Bay. You could get pumpkin dumplings, minced lamb and peppers to stuff into sesame bread pockets and if you drink, black beer. I dug it, but the place has been closed for a few years now...or did they move? Does anyone know where Xinjiang cuisine can be enjoyed in HK?

As for food from Guizhou, I like its spicy/sour qualities, but that may not be as widely welcomed/known in HK as other mainland regional eats. Do Guizhou restaurants exist here?


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  1. Have you tried this spot? Nice write-ups by several diners, plus pictures. It does seem very showy - a bit like Afunti in Shanghai & Beijing. I'll be keen to hear what you think if you do go there:

    If you Google openrice, it also listed this Guizhou restaurant, but no reviews:

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      Doh je, klyeoh! Hmm, showy restaurants in my experience have equaled sub-par food, but I'm open to trying it, particularly as I'm always by Haiphong Rd./Tsim Sha Tsui. Have you been to Al Pasha or the previous Xinjiang eatery in Causeway Bay? Although the pictures on the link don't do the place much justice, seeing sesame seeds on the puffy bread is nostalgic...

      Also, for the Guizhou place, well, actually, do you think is as good as Next time I'm going to Kowloon Tong, this is on the list!