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Aug 30, 2012 10:06 AM

Road Trip! Michigan to Maine!

Calling all chowhounders:

Please let me know of great chowhound spots in the following towns/areas:

Salamanca New York-dinner

Owego NY-lunch

Latham NY-dinner

Springfield/Hartland VT-lunch

Gorham NH- dinner

Belfast Maine-lunch

Ellsworth Maine--lunch and dinner

Thank you!!

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  1. Gazpacho, if you want a non fast food or non mediocre dinner, I'd steer clear of Gorham, NH. The only thing remotely acceptable is Saalt, and it's pricey (JMO) for what you get (nouveau pub fare). Think about going toward Littleton or (on the other side of the mountains) Jackson.

    1. Here is a link to a fairly recent thread that discusses Ellsworth:

      Note that you need to post on the NY star board for recommendations in upstate NY.

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      1. re: masha

        Are you going through Canada or Ohio? I live in Michigan and I'm thinking of making the same trip someday.

        1. re: syrup09

          Born in MI and lived there until 20 years ago, when I moved to the Boston area. Having driven home to see the folks many times, my preference runs to going through the U.S. We usually stop around Syracuse, and then again before Cleveland. Geneva-on-the-Lake has a great hot dog stand called "Eddie's", IIRC. Upstate NY has Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and the Finger Lakes. Ontario is a shorter drive, but I just like the trip thru Ohio and NY state better.

      2. Ellsworth, Maine: Lunch, Cleonice- upscale using local produce- if too busy, Riverside Cafe across the street.

        Dinner: Union River Lobster Pot- lobster, steamers, etc, etc

        just for an example. Others will follow.

        1. Gorham , NH
          maybe not the epicenter of fine food...

          Try Saladino's - Family run restaurant cooking authentic italian. As someone who typically doesn't like italian, i found it tasty. Right on main street next to Mr. Pizza's (a popular place, but american food, not too exciting)

          Heads up, closed on sunday & monday's

          Your other option (depending on your route) continue on route 2 to Bethel, ME (i'm no expert on the area, but several good options)

          or route 16 to Jackson, NH (fancy, fancy places)