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Aug 30, 2012 09:44 AM

What Are Everyone's Favorite Outer Boroughs Thai Restaurants That Are Better Than Pok Pok?

Hi All,

It had to be written. THAT horse is history!

Since the general consensus is that Pok Pok is "good not great," how about getting a run-down on the Thai restaurants in the Outer Boroughs that are currently GREAT?

Please chime in!


Glendale is hungry...

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  1. Have only been to PP once and, while the one dish I tried wasn't all that great, I still wouldn't rush to judgement based on that. I'm no fan of the hype related to this place but have to ask you, given the tone of your post, if you've ever been there to see for yourself.

    1. There is no Thai in Brooklyn (and AFAIK, the Bronx and SI as well) that gets near Pok Pok. Queens on the other hand has Sripraphai, Ayada, Zabb Thai, and lots of other CH favorites such as Chao Thai that I have not eaten at to confirm. I would say that they all outshine Pok Pok.

      1. I haven't been to Pok Pok since i spend several months a year in Chiang Mai and can get the same food for 1/4 to 1/10 the price almost any tine I want. I'm not into the over-the-top hype at Pok Pok but that happens in CM too. So I can't comment on how the food is but I can tell you that it's unfair to compare it to all the Queens Thai restaurants, none of which specialize in CM (northern Thai) food.

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          not after you subtract the $2500 plane tix and the time!

        2. i'll say that it may be "near consensus" but i thought Pok Pok was pretty great. id dare say that my last meal at Pok Pok was better than my last meal at Sri - ive had really fantastic meals there (Sri) but ive also had ones that were merely good.