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Aug 30, 2012 09:38 AM

Philly Chowhound Coming to DC

My siister and I will be in DC doing the tourist thing the end of next month (Sept). We DON'T want to do the tourist thing when it comes to meals, though, so I'm coming to you guys for recs.

We love ethnic of all sorts and are also willing to pay for an exceptional meal (if we can dress casually and it's not offal-related). In Philly, we have great Mexican so we can skip that but we're sorely lacking on the Dim Sum front. But again, completely open to your idea for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We'll need two of each!

And thanks ahead of time.

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  1. You should definitely try Ethiopian if you haven't had it. My favorite is Etete, but there's some difference of opinion over that. For your other dinner, I'd recommend one of DC's amazing Thai tasting meals: Thai X-ing (more typical Thai food, but far superior than you've likely ever had it. This is BYOB) or Little Serow (specific to one region in Thailand, so don't expect a lot of curries, but absolutely unique and wonderful). You have to like heat. Thai X-ing will require a reservation, and Little Serow doesn't take reservations, so show up when they open.

    For breakfast, you might like Teaism. For lunches, Merzi and Roti are two of my favorites.

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      Thanks! Any suggestions for Spanish cuisine? One of our favorites is Paella.

      1. re: Misha

        Estadio and Jaleo are both very good.

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          Appreciate the suggestions, Kate, Greg. I'll definitely check these out. Anyone else care to offer their two cents?

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            Not sure how you define ethnic, but consider heading out to Eden Center in Northern Virginia for an array of Vietnamese eateries, such as Hai Duong, Viet Royale (Cho Lon) and Nha Trang. Passage to India in Bethesda for Indian - though there are many other good choices on that front too. For ramen and dumplings - Toki Underground. Little Serow for inventive Thai, but do your research, because seating is very limited and timing is everything. Moby Dick for kabobs.
            For a special meal that doesn't require dressy clothes, try Palena.

    2. Hank's Oyster Bar for po'boys up in Dupont Circle...and it's a short walk from the Metro. Also for breakfast/brunch I highly recommend Busboys and poets.

      1. You might also try one of the new ramen and izakaya spots. The Source has an interesting dim sum brunch, not your typical dim sum though.