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Aug 30, 2012 09:34 AM

San Leandro Wednesday farmers market & India Gourmet

Pretty nice market. Bunch of farms that aren't familiar to me. Smit apples, Beckmann's bakery, Roli Roti (but the porchetta sandwiches are only at SF). Lots of tables set up for eating. The downtown association that sponsors it was selling margaritas.

India Gourmet out of Watsonville had a constant stream of fresh naan coming out of the tandoor. Great lamb curry with unusual seasoning, tasted sort of Ethiopian, great chicken tikka masala. Reportedly they've been at Temescal, Stonestown, Palo Alto San Jose San Pedro Square, Sunnyvale, and the Alameda flea market.

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  1. hounds should note market hours are 4-8p.m. not morning hours.

    fyi. there's a wine bar (Vine WIne and Tapas) adjacent to the farmers market i wouldn't recommend. bad experience relying on their posted happy hour pricing on a standing sign In front of their eatery. they wouldn't honor the prices.
    Excuse: someone put the wrong price up. and they wouldn't change the sign when i pointed it out to them.....manager just walked away.