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Aug 30, 2012 09:24 AM

Giving Back...Chowhound deployed to Afghanistan needs 'foodie care package'..


Hi Chowhounds!
I've adopted a wonderful poster on Chowhound named 'AdamRichmanJr' from the Las Vegas Board.
Chris, is deployed till December in Afghanistan and I asked what I could send him from the US.

First of all, Chris was so touched that a stranger from a food forum would want to send him a care package but it is the least I can do for him.

Chris stated the best things to send are things like hygiene products (body wash, shampoo, deodorant, etc), wipes and powdered drink mixes, small snack items (jerky, little debbies, trail mix) an books..he loves crime novels and car magazines.

Those free USPS boxes from the Post Office are great for around $10 in postage, 'if it fits, it ships' motto is a cheap way to send to a APO address and the .99 cent store has lots of stuff that would work well for him.

I asked for Chris's permission to put his address out there and he stated:
'i really appreciate you doing this. i cant really explain it, but you have no idea how much support from home means to us over here. it really does mean a lot that people are still thinking about us.'

His e-mail is in his profile page...'AdamRichmanJr' Las Vegas Board

Chris Mathern
Tarin Kowt / FOB Ripley
APO AE 09380

Let's help out Chris and his Army Special Force Unit buddies with some of the food comforts until he comes home safe and sound!

I thank you so much for all your kindness..
Beach Chick

  1. I am on it!! Thanks for posting!

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    1. Wow, thank you for this opportunity! I'm in, too.

      1. Thanks for posting this, Beach Chick. I've taken down all the information and I'll certainly see what I can do to help.

        1. Just sent someone in military a care package to a foreign country. He asked for 70% chocolate bars and gum you can press out of cellophane. I also sent organic unsalted almonds and cashews; and homemade nuts and bolts (chex mix). I wasn't sure what to bake so I bought some individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies and fig bars. A five year old relative made a collage with photos, drawings and stickers. I used a free USPS box and was thrilled to pay only $10 for shipping.

          I have one question about what bars or cookies to bake that would travel well. In some cases it takes up to two weeks. Tia.

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          1. re: conniemcd

            When my friend's brother was deployed in Iraq, I, once included some instant cold packs. In his letter to me, he said those packs were fantastic and asked, if I could send more. They became a standing order. He also said that chewing tobacco was appreciated.

            1. re: Vidute

              Can you send tobacco products via the mail?
              Trying to recall that new check box of things you can't send.

              1. re: Beach Chick

                Never seen tobacco as a can't send item. Alcohol is definitely a NO, especially to Islamic countries

                I get pictures back from the solders I send to with group pictures of them all with cigars in hand and mouth after safely returning from a mission.

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    Thanks BC. Looks like cigars are still ok

          2. My friends and I get together periodically and do this. The biggest surprise was how popular fruit by the foot are. Anything that flavors water is good--from Mio to gatorade to Starbucks instant coffee. Fitness magazines are really popular, too.

            For cookies and bars, they're happy w/ anything, even if they're older by the time they get them. I think heartier things like shortbread are better but it doesn't seem like there's a preference. Home made is great, just wrap as well as possible. I've never tried adding some bread to keep them soft but maybe that would be a good suggestion for them to do on their end. I wouldn't do it earlier because it might make them too soft and crumble.

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