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Aug 30, 2012 09:14 AM

Dining on the Cape After Labor Day?

We're headed to the Cape in a few weeks - after Labor Day. Do notable restaurants on the Cape tend to stay open into September or do they tend to close? Any known exceptions to this rule? Should we still always try to make reservations? Thanks.

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  1. Columbus Day seems to be the dividing line now, with most restaurants still open through September. A few of the permanent residents will likely respond with some specific exceptions. September is a nice time on the Cape, a little more relaxed, though some seasonal restaurants in busy places like Provincetown may suffer from staff burnout by that time.

    I would still try to make reservations for any weekend, or for particularly in-demand restaurants. Also, watch out for special events such as Eastham Windmill Weekend, Sept 7-9 this year, which can cause traffic delays and local surges in crowding.

    1. If you are in the area, don't miss the Chart Room in Cataumet for the best waterfront dining experience. You have sunset cocktails outside on the water overlooking a marina, and then go inside for dinner. Lobster, swordfish, chowder, etc. and a piano playing from the bar. The atmosphere is THE BEST.

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        GREAT spot for a cocktail outside. Mudslides are a specialty. The food? One can do MUCH better, although it's not totally awful. Try The Ocean House in Dennisport for true fine dining on the water.

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          Re Chart Room: Just have a drink (nothing too complicated though...), soak in the admittedly great atmosphere while seated in those white plastic chairs, and go eat somewhere else. Tragic waste of a great setting.

        2. Shoes, if you can elaborate what part of the Cape, some of the foodies here can point you in the right direction...Fall on Cape is amazing. Some places close Columbus Day and some in January.

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            Thanks for the advice. We are staying in Chatham, so we'll range around that area up to P-town.

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              Most everything is open until at least Columbus worries...past Cape Cod threads detail some amazing dining experiences. Have fun!!

              In Chatham I like Delmar a lot. 28 Atlantic for sure, Impudent Oyster for lunch, Squire for drinks and music. Up the way, Wellfleeet, Macs Shack for sushi and a great bar, Pearl for music, views (up top) and raw bar, PB Boulangerie for French pastry/bread, Sol for interesting food and a fun vibe...up to P Town I like Ross's Grille for lunch and Native Seafood for Raw Bar to eat next door at Aquabar for drinks. Jimmy's Hideaway has great food but is a little cozy and dark for some. The Harbour View Lounge is divine..view, trendy fun...We loved Victor's Drag Brunch.

          2. You will still need reservations, or you will need to wait, on Fridays and Saturdays. Cape Cod has a lot of good restaurants that don't take reservations. So, September is the time to try places like the Glass Onion or Anejo in Falmouth, or any of the good breakfast places -- Mills in Marstons Mills, Moonakis Cafe in Waquoit, Keltic Kitchen in (Yarmouth?).