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Aug 30, 2012 08:31 AM

Organic Chicken in Queens?

Anyone know a good place to get free range organic chicken in Queens? I know of Fairway in Douglaston but it would be great to find some other options for good quality chicken.

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  1. So International Meat Market in Astoria has D'Artagnan organic chicken. Anyone know of a farmer's market in Queens that has organic chicken?

    1. Natural market on Austin St. carries D'Artagnon organic chickens. Trader Joe's on Metropolitan also carries organic chickens. In terms of farmers markets, there's a new one in Forest Hills. On Sundays. There is a stand from upstate that carries organic chickens, lamb, and pork products. It's in front of the FH Post Office, on QB, by McDonald Park, just east of Yellowstone Blvd.

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        There's a farmer's market in Jackson Heights on Sundays year round. I haven't been recently, but got organic whole chickens last time I was there.

        The Key Foods just off the 30th Ave. stop on the N train has a couple of different brands of organic chicken, including Bell & Evans. I don't love these, but they'll do in a pinch and you have the option of getting just thighs, breasts, whatever.

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          Queens Natural Meats has a bunch of organic and grass fed meat and poultry.
          159-15 Horace Harding Expressway
          Fresh Meadows, NY 11365‎
          (718) 358-1800

      2. mmmm I miss that D'Artagnan chicken! that's actually the first thing I miss about Astoria. H Mart on Union Street in Flushing (usually) gets in organic chicken breasts / legs but not always and they do tend to sell out fast. I wish they'd stock it at the Northern Boulevard location since i live practically across the street...

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          D'Artagnan chicken is sooooo good. I prefer it to the Bell & Evans organic.