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Aug 30, 2012 08:28 AM

Kosher Wedding Ideas

Planning daughter's wedding and need kosher style ideas for passaround cocktail hour food.
Also must be tree nut free (no pistachio, walnuts,hazelnuts,etc) and sesame free. Anything with a wow taste and presentation factor welcome. Thanks

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  1. Are you looking for recipe ideas?

    Suggestions for things you can buy off the shelf?

    Or what to pick from your caterer's menu?

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    1. re: AdinaA

      Caterer's selections are boring, but he is willing to get ideas and work with it. I guess off the shelf is possible, but if he is willing to make it, I should take him up on it. Just no nuts and sesame or dairy.

      1. re: meinNYC

        Why are you using a caterer whose selections you don't like?

        1. re: meinNYC

          What are some things you have enjoyed at other weddings? Use this as a starting point and talk to your caterer. I know mine was willing to do almost anything I wanted as long as it could be made Kosher.

      2. It's all about the wow factor in a single bite and don't be afraid to accessorize beyond something on a stick!

        miso salmon with toasted panko & nori skewered on a chopstick

        bite size chicken taco - paired with a two sip margarita served in a miniature Patron bottle with straw

        ahi poke tuna served in an edible won-ton spoon

        thai inspired mock crab cakes with sirachi aioli in a boston lettuce cup

        johnny cakes, topped with pulled bbq beef and micro mustard greens

        and how about designer jello's one right off the shelf of chowhounds own...

        just a couple thoughts to get you started....many hearty mazal tovs!!!

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        1. re: gotcholent

          YUM! Oh now I am hungry! OP make sure there is enough food to go aroud - there is nothing worse than too little food at a cocktail hour.:(

            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              keep it coming. The caterer is not kosher and has lots of items on the menu that are nonkosher that we can't use. Going for kosher style and with the allergy limitations that becomes more difficult. My only choice of caterer at the Yale club was inhouse or Foremost.
              I have been to too many horrible Foremost events to give them another try. Their food comes out of a factory in NJ and I don't trust them with the allergy problems on top of their icky food.

              1. re: meinNYC

                You may also want to post this on the tri-state board as you can get more ideas there too?

                1. re: marissaj

                  the wow factor can also be just the style of presentation.
                  Different ceviches in a spoon
                  serving off of large skewers such as at a brazilian restaurant

              2. re: koshergourmetmart

                While my chefs hate when I share our's elul & sharing is caring!

                ahi poke is a traditional Hawaiian style sashimi... check out ... this can be made a day in advance with sushi grade tuna, but you will lose the radiant red color of the fish and go a little easier on the ginger as it will intensify overnight

                This salmon recipe can be tweaked to work with small or large fillets that can be served as apps or mains very easily. While we generally turn over our menus very often as either the season or event dictates, this is one that I have clung to for years as it's pure gold and a personal favorite.
                --Start by soaking your chopsticks in water so that they will hold up to the quick bake..
                --Slice your salmon filet into finger length pieces 1/2" high & wide
                --using a metal skewer, steel thermometer or anything else of the sort poke a hole 3/4 the length of the salmon and place your wet wooden chopstick in the hole
                ------------if you are using the recipe to make an app or main portion size, skip this step and do the following on only the top side of your fillet
                -- make a paste that is 50/50 honey and miso and brush it onto the the top 1/2 of the salmon
                --roll the top miso covered portion in toasted panko mixed with a bit of crumble toasted nori (and if you are not the OP toasted sesame as well
                )--Bake until done at 350 degrees...time will vary but it should not take more then a few minutes...sorry we do these 100+ at a time in commercial ovens and I'm not sure how long they will take in regular ovens in small batches. DO NOT OVERCOOK as there is nothing worse then overdone salmon and it will flake too much and not hold on the chopstick

                These can be served hot or cold and hold well in the fridge for a few days so they can be made well in advance....we don't ever do this but you certainly can, as I know not everyone has a large staff of professional chefs in the kitchen to help.

                Shavua tov & happy CHOW'in y'all

                1. re: gotcholent

                  I appreciate the recipe but please remember the allergy problem in addition to kosher style. No tree nuts no sesame. I guess olive oil could be substituted for the sesame oil.

                  1. re: meinNYC

                    no that would not work at all....nix the ahi poke but here are a couple more from my playbook that may prove helpful..

                    seared tuna over mango and jicama (see pic below)...totally ok to leave sesame seeds out of this's all about using the highest quality fish!

                    pita point with a shmeer of chummus achla topped with a shred of lamb or turkey shwarma (we make our own...but your caterer can buy a packaged version off the shelf...meal mart makes one that would work


                    finger sized "BLT" wrap ---again, we make our own kosher bacons (lamb, beef, veal or turkey) but your caterer can simply pan fry or deep dry turkey pastrami, sliced naval pastrami or beef fry

                    it doesn't get more kosher style or new york then a potato knish, sliced in half, filled with warm pastrami and then quartered served with a fancy miniature skewer and a tiny gerkin pickle

                    porcini dusted prime rib eye - medium rare - over crostini - drop of horseradish aioli

                    sesame noodle or lo mein, with chicken, or beef, or heck even a miniature corn, pre-wrapped around a bite and looks cool as can be.

                    sliders, sliders, sliders....who doesn't love a 1-2 bite burger...or think outside the box, pulled bbq chicken, or fried chicken cutlet, or spicy lamb, or even salmon tartar

                    I'm a big fan of seasonal offerings. When is the wedding? How many canapes is your caterer recommending? Which ones have you chosen so far? Make sure you have a good balance of options...Cold and Hot, Veggy, Chicken, Fish & Beef....and by all means don't let them use anything frozen

            2. Got cholent catered my wedding, we discussed every detail and everything was amazing. People are still telling me how good and plentiful the food was.

              Me in, I don't understand why you would chose a caterer that didn't wow you. Ari, can give up the quinoa polenta recipe?