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Aug 30, 2012 07:42 AM

Tre Panche in Florence - worth going??

Hello, does anyone know anything about Ristorante Tre Panche in Florence? A friend of mine recommended it who studied abroad there a few years ago. She raves about it. I guess an older couple used to own it, but it is now under new ownership. It only has 3 benches to eat at and is supposed to be very intimate and DELICIOUS. It seems to be very white truffle centric,and I'm sure that would definitely be the case in October when we'd go.

I have a few reservations for other dinners and am not sure if I want to swap one out for Tre Panche.

Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance!


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  1. We ate here three years ago, and had a delightful evening with great food and lots of white truffles, and a kind and helpful owner. It's tiny, customers were local italians (including an entertaining group of three young Italian young men and one American young lady studying in Florence, fun to watch the dynamics), us (Americans) and several small groups of Japanese - as evidenced by the guidebook in Japanese on a shelf in the restaurant, that's how they found out about it. My husband loved it so much that we're visiting Florence this fall for one night only to eat here - he will be concerned when he hears it's under new ownership.

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      Yeah, I don't know what to do!! Would you take a gamble and go or just go somewhere else? As it is now, I'd have to switch my itinerary around to fit it in.... I'm an American too - from Miami.:)

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        It would appear from other sites that the restaurant specializes in truffles. It would also appear from the reviews that truffles are served on the dishes most of the year. Can that be true?

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          I would wonder about that as well; I would assume that they're black truffles when white truffles are out of season? When we ate there previously, it was during white truffle season, and they were indeed white truffles. So I don't know about other times of year.