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Aug 30, 2012 07:30 AM

Scotch/Bourbon pricing in Ontario

Long time lurker here but I felt the need to have another topic on this.

What is going on with this? I have not been into these two spirits that long (a yr tops) and pricing was ridiculous when I got into it but you could still find the odd gem for a decent price.
Compare to world/US pricing and everything is so marked up here.

Now the prices have GONE UP even more in the last couple of months. I dont get it. Are they trying to discourage people in Ontario from enjoying these drinks? Are they trying to use this segment to offset any higher fuel costs they have?(which they shouldnt since gas prices are about the same as they were last yr)

I think its out of control and in no way can I justify the majority of the pricing that they have on things.

Beer hasnt changed, neither has most wine. What gives?

Ideas? Thoughts?

Its very very frustrating. I shouldnt have to devote such a high percentage of income on a small hobby like this.

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  1. Beer will go up, like milk or butter, cartel controlled. Just wait for the next round of inflation.

    Good wines, below $30, seem to have come down in recent years, probably because there are so many new players from all over the globe.

    Fine spirits are a luxury, and we get soaked. They are expensive to produce and age, and even if there is a glut of grains (there isn't) the distilleries only buy a small amount, unlike the wine industry, which uses most of the available grapes.

    The LCBO is not your friend when it comes to pricing. You might compare Scotch pricing to other monopolies, such as Pennsylvania, but never to New York or Alberta.

    Best advice is to live with it, and not even hope for change in the air. You can always rationalize our prices by pointing to our universal health care, which has to be paid for.