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Aug 30, 2012 07:29 AM

Suggestions on a gift certificate


I would like to get our friends, in their mid fifties, a gift certificate to a restaurant for their 10th Wedding Anniversary. The wife eats everything but I feel the husband tends to like heartier menu's (more meat and potato type of person). I think he prefers more quantity than quality, but obviously prefers both. For example, I just had lunch at Bouley (tasting menu) and I know the amount of food would not be appreciated. In the past I gave them a gift certificate to Grammercy Tavern, which they enjoyed. My daughter suggested Aldea, but I can't see him eating sea urchin. I know they eat alot at steak houses and enjoy a good Italian restaurant. They also enjoy good wine and spares no expense on ordering bottles of wine when they go out. They live on the lower east side, but have a car and don't mind traveling. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The amount would be $200.00.

Thanks ahead of time

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  1. Maybe Babbo? They're one of my go-to places that straddle that line where they appeal to both foodies and hearty meat & potato types. Portions are ample, but food is exquisite, and $200 would cover a meal there pretty well. Could even do a "full Italian" four-course meal if they wanted on that (minus tax & tip...)

    Another good "double duty" place I find is Marc Forgione. Creative and playful enough for the more adventurous eater, but nothing so out of the box that regular "dude food" types wouldn't also dig it.

    Aldea - I'm just not terribly excited about them. That said, there's a lot more than sea urchin on the menu.

    1. A gift certificate from USHG (Union Square Hospitality Group) can be used at any of the Danny Meyer restaurants, e.g. Union Square Cafe, The Modern, Gramercy Tavern, Blue Smoke.

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          Second the USHG cert. It's just the most flexible choice and if they liked GT they would probably like his other places.

        2. 2nd Babbo. Portions are generous, though a gc won't guarantee a res.

          1. Just got the USHG gift certificate. Great idea. Babbo was one of my choices but this gives them more flexibility.

            Thanks so much