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Aug 30, 2012 07:18 AM

Susan Sez biscotti & almond macaroons to die for, new Manhattan bakery

This is way uptown, 123rd St., around the corner form JTS and Columbia. http://susez.com/

Worth the journey for the almond macaroons (they freeze very well). I also loved the biscotti.

They sell at Park East and Seasons, at least the UPS Seasons.

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  1. Suzen Sez/Say It With Cake's Chocolate Almond Horns are my favorite dessert EVER! It's great to have a Kosher Bakery back on the Upper West Side of Manhattan!

    1. Went yesterday afternoon and had a lemon square - was nice, sweet with tartness; a friend had the pumpkin bourbon brownie and thought it was good.

      They'll be serving coffee and I'd like to try the beer brownies next time.

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        Coffe was awful when |I was there a few days ago, but the lemon squares were excellent! Really excellent. And in a coicidence the grill212 on 80th and Broadway also has their own little bakery department, so suddenly we have two small scale artisanal kosher bakeries on teh West Side of manhattan!