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Aug 30, 2012 07:18 AM

Susan Sez biscotti & almond macaroons to die for, new Manhattan bakery

This is way uptown, 123rd St., around the corner form JTS and Columbia.

Worth the journey for the almond macaroons (they freeze very well). I also loved the biscotti.

They sell at Park East and Seasons, at least the UPS Seasons.

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  1. Suzen Sez/Say It With Cake's Chocolate Almond Horns are my favorite dessert EVER! It's great to have a Kosher Bakery back on the Upper West Side of Manhattan!

    1. Went yesterday afternoon and had a lemon square - was nice, sweet with tartness; a friend had the pumpkin bourbon brownie and thought it was good.

      They'll be serving coffee and I'd like to try the beer brownies next time.

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        Coffe was awful when |I was there a few days ago, but the lemon squares were excellent! Really excellent. And in a coicidence the grill212 on 80th and Broadway also has their own little bakery department, so suddenly we have two small scale artisanal kosher bakeries on teh West Side of manhattan!