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Red wine..

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Hey friends, I'm new member so wanna to say hello everyone, I don't have idea about red wine and i want some knowledge about this. So please tell me.

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  1. Hello...

    What you want to know that googling/wikipedia-ing could not answer ?

    How it made ? what food is goes well with ? how to serve ? what glass to serve it in ? the better wine regions ? what is good and cheap that you can buy locally (where are you from)? travelling suggestions ?

    Please help us help you...


    1. I never used to drink red wine either, but now occasionally I indulge in a bottle. I found the best way to get into red wine and experimenting with which ones hit the right tastes buds was to take recommendations. Is this the sort of thing you are after?

      1. We would love to answer your question(s), your question is soooooooooo broad as to be meaningless. It's like asking, "I have no idea about food; tell me about it."

        Do you want to know what it's made from? Where it's made? How it's made? How many different kinds of red wine there are? What container it is aged it? Where it's sold? Etc., etc., etc. . . . .

        1. We could start with the basics - red wine is a potable (in most cases) liquid containing alcohol.

          1. Agree with others what do you want to know? Do you just want a fun fact list? Do you want to know what it tastes like?

            Fun Fact #1:
            Except in certain rare cases, red wine is red due to the color from the skins of the grape. The skins of the grape are also what contribute to the "tannins" that can leave a bitter aftertaste. As the wine ages the tannins can soften. (and seriously you can find these types of basic facts on wikipedia).

            1. Hello,

              Can you help us out a bit more?

              Which wines do you like?

              Which wines do you not like?

              Do you want "sippers," or wines to pair with food? If food, please give us some examples?

              The subject of "red wines," would take maybe two rather large volumes, and still not cover everything. That is why some are asking for clarifications. Heck, I could start listing the reds that I have had in the last too weeks, and all very good to great wines, but you would become very bored with such a list, and, depending on where you live, many might not be available.

              Let us know more, and then we can do better with sharing our thoughts and observations, along with some recommendations.