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Aug 29, 2012 11:14 PM

Reco's for lunch and dinner options near Chicagoland Speedway?

I am working in and around Chicagoland Speedway in a couple weeks during race week...I've never been to Illinois before so I would love Chowish recommendations for both lunch and dinner options in the area! I tried searching but did not find any suggestions. Since I'm working, I can't travel too far so the idea of going into downtown Chicago is out. I'm pretty open on types of food- I usually veer toward hidden gems, mom& pop places that feature local cuisines/cooking styles, and not too expensive. Any must-visit places in this neighborhood at all? Am I doomed to soulless chain restaurants during my visit due to my location? (Though I've never been to Chicago area, I have flown through the airports I have tried deep dish pizza and Garrett the popcorn, didn't like the pizza.)

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  1. You'll find recommendations for that area in this topic:

    Good Eats near Joliet? -

    1. Lots of really good Mexican food in and around Joliet, and it's often ridiculously cheap for the level of deliciousness.
      Here's one:
      Birrieria y Taqueria Ochoa
      2210 W. Jefferson

      Some excellent suggestions in the thread noted above. The people who run Chicken-n-Spice are geniuses.