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Aug 29, 2012 10:38 PM

Reasonably priced nice restaurant in soho/Greenwich/meatpacking areas?


I hope you can help, I'm travelling to New York next week from scotland and looking for some ideas of places to eat out at. In particular the 9th of September, as it's my husbands 30th birthday, some where nice, serves a nice steak perhaps, not too noisy but in an area that we can go out for drinks afterwards.
Do you have any recommendations? We have been told to go to Robert de Niros restaurant, not sure what this is like.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Can you define what you mean by reasonably priced? How much do you wish to pay, per person, before wine/drinks, tax (8.875%), and tip (20%)? 40 USD? 60 USD?

    Good steak is a very difficult thing to do on a budget. And the neighborhoods you asked about don't tend to be cheap either.

    One week is also not a lot of planning time for Manhattan. Many popular restaurants book 3-4 Wes in advance. You might find yourself dining at 5:30pm or 10:30pm because those are the only times remaining for your choice of restaurant.

    Robert DeNiro has multiple restaurants: Nobu, TriBeCa Grill, and the restaurant in his hotel, the restaurant is called Locanda Verde. None of them are exactly cheap.

    1. Robert DeNiro is part-owner of a number of restaurants, don't know which one was recommended to you: Nobu, Corton, Tribeca Grill, and Locanda Verde (did I miss any?) - of them, Nobu and Corton are very expensive, and Tribeca Grill isn't terribly noteworthy. Locanda Verde is good, if a bit noisy, especially on the weekends, but the food is solid and reasonably priced. None are really known for their steak, though they all (Corton excluded, as they only do $100+ tasting menus) probably have some kind of steak entree on the menu.

      It's very soon to be making a rez for the 9th. On the date in question, I'm seeing openings on Opentable for:

      Minetta Tavern - only late, 10:00 PM or later.
      Mas (la grillade)
      Marc Forgione

      - all have solid steaks, in some cases they're big steak-for-two entrees though. (Caveat: I haven't tried Forgione's steak myself, but I have it on good authority it's great) - all have excellent food all around, though, unlike most steakhouses.

      All are in the neighborhoods you mentioned or surrounding areas (included Tribeca, East Village, West Village, etc.)

      There's also Strip House in Greenwich Village - okay enough steakhouse, but the non-steak items aren't terribly exciting. Though if you're going to do a steakhouse in Manhattan, I'd say leave those neighborhoods and go to Keen's.

      Another option is to call Babbo and see if they have an opening, or if you can get on a wait list (they don't do online rezzies for two-tops) - I did notice they have a couple of late four-tops open, which probably means there'd be a two-top available. One of the best steaks of any non-steakhouse in the city, and the non-steak dishes are by and large fantastic.

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        Babbo is doing online reservations for 2 now on OpenTable, but the only slots seem to be before 6pm and after 10pm.

      2. Hi, We could go anywhere in Manhattan really, we are staying at 23rd st and 7th ave.
        I am not very organised as you can tell!! It doesnt need to be a steak place we go to. Ideally no more than $50 per person, there are 5 of us, we are not bothered about anywhere too fancy. I personally love italian food!

        It was the robert deniro in tribeca we were recommended.

        I found macelleria, which i thought looked quite nice.

        Thank you for all your help.


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          Well, as far as I know, there are 4 Robert DeNiro restaurants in the Tribeca neighborhood. If in case you were recommended his Tribeca Grill restaurant, it is one of the dated NYC restaurants but still deliver solid, if unspectacular, dishes imo. in any case, $50 per person, excluding drinks, can get you an appetizer and entree in most of the restaurans.

          Of the 4, I'd recommend Locanda Verde for good Italian.

          Not heard of macelleria before,

          1. re: RCC

            I went to Macelleria years ago. It was perfectly fine but nothing exceptional (then again, this was probably 15 years ago, at least 10!). They specialize, as you might expect from their name (which means "butcher shop" in Italian) in salumi, and also cheese, from what I recall.

            1. re: Pan

              I've not personally been, but I heard it was terrible from a friend who was there recently.

          2. re: carole80

            $50pp including tax, tip, and wine/drinks? Or before?

            This is really important because sales tax and tip together are almost 30% and can really eat up your budget.

            Unfortunately $50pp is more "moderate/mid-range" than "really nice."

            Also your group is on the larger size, so getting a reservation may prove difficult since you are planning without a lot of time in advance.

          3. Hi, $50 including tax and then we can add tip on top of that, not really used to taxes & tips etc as dont get that over here all we do is leave tip if we have received good service! Need to get my head round all this before arriving lol!! Like i say we are just lookng for somewhere that serves nice food not somewhere very fancy.

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            1. re: carole80

              $50pp including tax is $46pp or so, if just for food.

              You should be able to do something reasonably nice for that price, especially if you share appetizers and desserts.

              When researching NYC restaurants, I usually see if they are on OpenTable (easier to book online) and see the menu on (usually accurate, but not always the most up to date).

              Looking for 5 people on Sept 9th for Italian, downtown, on OpenTable, I see a few things popping out at me, such as:
              Apizz -- Lower East Side
              Corsino -- West Village
              Dell'anima -- West Village
              Sorella -- Lower East Side
              Osteria Morini -- Soho, might be a stretch on the wallet

              1. re: carole80

                ...but does that $50 include drinks? You could easily spend $10 - $20 on beer or wine per person, if you have two drinks each.

                1. re: carole80

                  Keep in mind that you will have to add tip on top of that. Gratuities aren't often included, so you should expect to add between 15-20 percent on top of your check.