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ISO recipe: Greek Potato salad dressing "Skordalia"

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My friend gave me a couple of recipes for a Greek potato salad sauce. It has lots of garlic.

It uses mashed potatoes that you slowly drizzle the olive oil into and make a 'Mayo' of along with the usual, salt and pepper, lemon juice or vinegar.

Does anyone know of this type of dressing and how do you do yours?

Can roasted garlic be used in place of fresh chopped garlic? I'm thinking that would make a much more buttery/creamyier dressing.

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  1. I recommend you do not roast the garlic. The sauce is supposed to be *intense* with raw garlic flavor so you are defeating the sauce by roasting the garlic. It will be creamy because you pound the garlic and potatoes all up to until it is creamy. You can put it on everything, for example, salmon.

    1. or just eat as a dip. That's the way it's served in the Greek restauants I know.

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      1. I don't see why you can't use roasted garlic in place of fresh, but it's not going to affect the consistency as much as the amount of oil. What you'll end up with instead is a more subtle, sweeter garlic flavor, though you will probably need to increase your quantity of garlic.

        For a basic skordalia recipe, blend a pound of boiled, but just barely cooked through potatoes with about 1/4 c. olive oil, 3 fat cloves of minced (preferably to a paste) garlic and about 3 T. of lemon juice (or a mild vinegar). Continue blending, slowly adding oil, up to a 1/2 c., until you reach the consistency of whipped cream. Season to taste with salt. Variations can substitute bread or almond meal for part or all of the potatoes.

        1. I've only ever had it as as dip. It's one of my favorites with veggies or pita bread.
          I imagine you could just thin it out with more liquid or oil to make a dressing.

          1. For something a little different and regional (different veg used in different parts of Greece) you can replace the potatoes with parnips or even beets if they float your boat.

            1. Thanks for all your replies CHs. The reason I wanted some feed back is because my DH thinks garlic is way too strong, and that it bothers his stomach. So thinking roasted garlic is quite tame, I was hoping I could slip some roasted garlic in and he wouldn't notice it so much.

              I just can't image making a garlic intense food without ANY garlic!!!

              My friend who introducted this dressing to me, had me eat some at a Greek cafe. They make a wonderful potato salad with the Skordalia. It was lettuce/greens on the very bottom, a huge scoop of the potato salad and then a bit more of the greens on the top.

              The ingredients of the potato salad were al dente cubes of waxy potatoes, chivevs or green onions and Greek olives, tossed in what I've started calling 'non dairy Greek Mayo".

              Can't wait to give it a try.
              It is very different from American potato Salad. I may have to add at lease one hard cooked egg!

              Again, thanks for your help.