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Aug 29, 2012 07:12 PM

Coronation Grapes - sightings?

We should be pretty well on top of the Okanagan Coronation Grape season but I haven't seen any yet. I figured all this hot weather would have erased the late start to the season and then some...

Anyone come across any?

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  1. Not exactly Coronations but I did run across an interesting variation @ H Mart on Robson today-imported from Korea naturally.

    1. I saw them at Superstore on Marine Drive

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      1. re: focioncroci

        Thanks! I picked some up although they are bringing them in from Ontario......go figure.

      2. Ok, they're now busting out all over the farmer's markets with numerous vendors. The Ontario version from Superstore is definitely inferior to the local stuff and we are just getting started.

        1. I don't usually buy grapes but I'm pretty sure I noticed some green ones at Osoyoos Market at Victoria and 41st. I think $2/lb? Something like that. Maybe I should try them.

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          1. re: dustthouart

            Not sure that there are green Coronations but the green variety that comes out at this time is pretty tasty.
            Coronations are dark purple and look a lot like Concords but without the seeds.

          2. Bought some grapes at Donald's market on Hastings yesterday - advertised as concord grapes but they're seedless - could these be coronation?
            I think they were $1.69 or $1.99/lb - and very good!

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            1. re: michaelmas

              Most likely, they are now just about everywhere. Enjoy the short season before the Concords arrive with their seeds and thick skins (great for jelly though, that's for sure).

              It's funny how often they try to pass Coronations for Concords and vise versa. Basically it's ignorance on the part of the produce staff combined with the occasional willful misrepresentation.