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Aug 29, 2012 06:55 PM

Downtown Italian spot for 12 -Frankies/sauce/osteria morini ?

Coming out from portland, and I am looking for a amazing italian spot for a creative work group of 12. Thurs or sunday night. We're in L.E.S. so anywhere down there.

I went to frankies 17 a while back and loved it. Does Frankies 570 still hold up?

Pasta that will blow my mind and neopolitan pizza a plus. Must handle a group.


Frankies 570
Osteria Morini

Thanks !

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  1. If you want a squeeze of "balsamic glaze" on your dish just like Olive Garden, go with Morini.

    1. If you're looking for lower east side, than Sauce is a good pick...the rest of those restaurants are not on the lower east side. That said, Peasant and Morini (in Nolita) are at different price levels than either Sauce or Frankies 570. And another possibility in Frankies 570's neighborhood is Corsino, which I like possibly best of all for its excellent pasta and reasonable wine list.