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Aug 29, 2012 06:47 PM

NYer in LA

recent visit...

pann's patty melt
perch ... sweet view
santoku ramen
plan check ... kick-ass pastrami
quality seafood ... uni, sb crabs
cole's dip
shanghai #1 seafood
best fish taco Enscenada ( missed ricky )
amazonas ... arepas
tried Arcadia for indian ... bad timing
son of a gun
n/naka ... totally off the charts
taqueria los anaya
beerbelly ... cool gastropub
parkway grill

and i *finally* got my sad ass down to see the watts towers

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  1. pretty good, you did some damage.

    1. If variety is the spice of life you must be popping Tum's like tic-tac's...very nice line up. Any further report coming on your list? Or is this going to be it? We enjoy hearing/seeing our local places through the eyes of "out-of-town hounds"...(poetically speaking)

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      1. re: Servorg

        I dropped the martini and consomme at Musso & Franks
        along w/ the Klimt drawings & Ritts exhibit @ the Getty

        Unmentioned misses were Bludso's in Compton and Salvko's in Pedro.

        pann's patty melt ...
        10AM landing: loved the place, weak beef/onions, killer brownie shake ... it is, however 10AM.
        the pork chop/fried shrimp, however, seemed to be moving at this hour w/ the locals ...look & learn, my bad.

        perch ... those "happy hour" dogs are a deal ...
        clearly drawing a young scene w. respectable plates

        hatfields ... balls out, more my demographic.
        relaxed & way enjoyable; no toe-curls, however.

        santoku ramen
        we've got one these way over the bridge here.
        I hear rowland heights is the market (true?)
        Given all the activity on Sawtelle, I could have probably stretched a bit.
        Don't get me wrong, this was a serious (shiro) bowl

        plan check ... kick-ass pastrami
        been in front of plenty "craft" ... they can mix.
        and beside the "nosh", the beef went down quite well.
        highly recommended.

        quality seafood ... uni, sb crabs
        1pm ... divers walk in w/ bins of live uni ... took one / $20
        sweet jesus
        (Yo Redondo! It's summer ... touristS. Take a firehose to those "restrooms"! seriously!)

        cole's dip
        cool vibe, great cocktails (panchos smoking gun), fine dip.
        i've seen this area over the years ... good things here.
        Did, unfortunately, miss Varnish.
        btw ... really curious about how Clifton's shakes out .. that place was a total trip.

        shanghai #1 seafood
        SGV ... been to Helens before and have mixed feelings of both.
        Clearly *far* above what can be had out here ...
        yeah, I do mean Flushing.

        best fish taco Enscenada ( missed ricky )
        that salsa bar is a sweet complement to their tacos (three fish/one shrimp)
        and I'd be embarassed to tell you the turns we took trying to peg Ricky

        amazonas ... arepas
        hot sheet tip ... quite good.
        their juices & smoothies shouldn't be overlooked either if your mid-wilshire

        tried Arcadia for indian ... bad timing
        and i was seriously pissed off about this ... nothing ... nowhere.
        at 11am?

        son of a gun

        n/naka ... totally off the charts
        i'm drawn toward straight-up, hardcore edomae; not impressed w/ the vast attempts at cross-overs.
        That spaghettini, my ... this chef can seduce.

        pete's ... a standard
        and yes, I know baco is next door.

        taqueria los anaya
        my yelp leap ... quite good; great heart here.
        did I miss out by not heading to boyle heights?

        beerbelly ... cool gastropub
        nice people mix in k-town
        respectable drafts w/ Lipitor (am I showing my age) friendly face food.

        parkway grill
        nice 'n easy to close
        yes, do order the halibut

        (btw … while headed toward watts off crenshaw on the imperial h'way I noticed a small place on the south named mom's bbq … it appeared to be drawing an early/eager crowd)

        1. re: TheDescendedLefticleOfAramis

          Kinda cryptic in writing but you covered a lot of ground. Thanks for reporting back, and as a NYer who has sampled Chinese cuisine over here, your input on this thread would be great:

      2. Darn, no Langer's?

        Was hoping for a bi-coastal pastrami showdown.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Seems like we got one: "plan check ... kick-ass pastrami"

            1. re: Mr Taster

              seriously, the bi-coastal pastrami showdown has been done or should be done by every true LA/NY hound.

              Now, has anyone done the Norcal v Socal battle of Refuge SC vs Langers?

          1. Langer's v. Katz's is so 2005......

            I'd love to here the comparison of Wise Sons v. Mile End...... New Jewish delis are the new rage...