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Aug 29, 2012 06:05 PM

The Saint - Ossington: great brunch

A patio would have made it perfect for me, but so very close! For me, the elements of a great brunch include: not waiting outside in a line, not having others hover over me whilst eating, not having lots of screaming kids around, ability to purchase a pint and of course, great food. Seriously, the best service I have had at at restaurant in recent months, no contest. We ordered the cinnamon sugar doughnuts to, what a treat! Light, airy, not out of the fryer. Five for five dollars, a good value. Mains were the same - corn beef hash, with lobster. Perfect perfect poached eggs, just the right amount of hollandaise, large chunks of corned beef and lobster. Very rich, very filling. I left one little doughnut to take home and promptly forgot it. Ran back in about 10 minutes later and staff had saved it for me....sweet! I will be back. Lovely space too. So nice to sit in a huge leather booth for a change!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've been meaning to try this place. You left out one of my key criteria for great brunch - great coffee (americanos in particular).Great food + mediocre/bad coffee = a bad, but far too prevalent, brunch combo. Did you have any or were you imbibing cold liquids only?

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      The americanos are above average IMO but the music is random and lousy and ruins the chance to thorougly enjoy!

      1. re: peppermint pate

        Just beer this time around but they have a very serious espresso maker which bodes well!

      2. I just looked @ their menu. Did you see the French Toast...mixed berry & lemon cream cheese rice krispie crust...yum!!

        1. I really enjoyed the brunch at The Saint as well. Loved the cinnamon sugar donuts. The maple bourbon bacon was tasty even though the bourbon was really subtle. My friend quite enjoyed his stuffed french toast and I had the corned beef hash which was solid. Great service. The space is beautiful, love the booths. Will be back to check out their dinner menu.

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            Wow! Really have to try this place!

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              Was at The Saint on Friday night for dinner and was so impressed with the food and the service. I love when a server really knows his stuff. We all wanted steak, so he organized a large cut for the table ensuring it was the best quality and value. It was EXCELLENT. I feel like everyone should be talking about it more, it was as good as any place I've eaten on the Oz strip!


          2. Enjoyed the corned beef hash, pecan cinnamon roll, mini jelly donuts of the day (mixed berry today). One of the better brunches I've had in TO. I thought my cappuccino was fine today, and the servers refilled my friend's cup of drip coffee at least 3 times.

            Didn't have an aversion to the music.

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              Yeah I had brunch here maybe a month or so back and it was surprisingly good. Had duck something or other eggs and something else, I dunno it was a while ago but it was quite good and reasonably priced (sorry for the shit review my memory is weak)