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Aug 29, 2012 05:28 PM

Kinoya Japanese Bistro on St-Denis

Took the kids to try the Japanese tapas on St-Denis. We spent some time fiddling with an interesting Japanese soda with a marble in it - the waitress was trying to remember how to pop it open. Next I had to try the octopus balls and was not disappointed - nice smooth texture, just a bit of octopus and a lot of bonito flakes. We had some big generous sushi, some gyoza with a good dipping sauce and a big bowl of pork bone broth ramen. Oh, and some tempura. It was all good, although I'd probably study the menu a bit more closely in the future to try to keep the overall costs down. The ramen seems expensive at $12, and the 5 pieces of maki roll for $8.50 as well. But the sake was inexpensive and part of a happy hour special so there's something to be done here. A great addition to the neighbourhood and the big pink graphic design is inviting. So I think we'll come back, maybe with a concrete strategy to try to eat for less than $20 each next time. Maybe I'd skip the tempura and the ramen, focus on more unusual items or the kushiyaki brochettes.

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  1. Nice review in the Gazette, although I disagree about the big pink flower decor. I think it's got a nice Manga edge and it will be cheerful in the dead of winter:

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      Went back here for lunch today and they have a new lunch special menu. Big portions in the bento box. I had almond crusted chicken which came on a bed of stirfried vegetables, some rice, some interesting dumplings, kim chee and a salad. Oh, and a big bowl of miso soup with a generous amount of seaweed. My husband had a sushi special, big soup, big salad with a nice variety of textures and greens, lots of good sushi so we were both very happy. It was better than I remembered and definitely better than marblebag's experience.

    2. Cold and prefried agedashi tofu. Bland kara age chicken nuggets (look ma no bones). Kinoya maki where rice is drier than what you get at Sushiman/Sushishop. Tasteless chicken yakitori even with a lot of sauce on top. A final slap in the face: 3.50$ for a pot of tea, a first in my lifetime.