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Aug 29, 2012 05:22 PM

Request for New Mexico style Sopapillas in Los Angeles

I know there's been some threads in the past on where to find sopapillas in the Los Angeles area and I just got back from Albuquerque NM and after eating some wonderful sopapillas there, wondering if there are any recent finds that serve New Mexico style sopapillas.

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  1. Mmm, sopapillas! The only place in L.A. I have seen them on a menu is La Cabanita on the north end of Glendale/Montrose. But those were a disappointment in that they were not the fluffy New Mexican pillows I expected. It was like they fried a round pita-bread shaped piece of dough and then sliced it into triangles.

    1. I hope someone has a good answer for this. I sure do miss sopapillas with honey buttter and carne adovada and being asked the NM State Question: "red or green?" and knowing that "Christmas" is the perfect answer!

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        Funny you mentioned "Christmas". When I order my meal with, of course, with extra sopapillas, the server asked me if I would like the red or green sauce and I told her make it "Christmas".