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Aug 29, 2012 04:52 PM

Solo dining in Istanbul?

I've seen various posts on eating in Istanbul, but can anyone point me towards the places that are the friendliest/most user-friendly for a solo female diner?

(FYI, for the first half of my trip I'll be staying near Sultanahmet, the second half near Taksim Square.)

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  1. good news is of all the places we went i didnt notice anywhere that would be an issue at all for a solo dinner, male or female.

    to add to my post below i might rec kybele cafe for you in sultanahmet for a light lunch and peranostra directly across from tunel in beyogulu for a light evening meal.

    for drink about anywhere seemed fine as well. of the two main pub strips near taksim i might rec: cezayir sk > nevizade sk for a solo woman. just because its more atmospheric and less standard/hectic.

    let me know if you have more questions - have fun and no worries its an easy place to visit and enjoy, just make sure when you go to the aya sofia & topkapi you get on line in the morning an hour before they open, trust me on that tip if no other lol!

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    1. I was alone in Turkey in 2010, and I recall my meal at Ciya Sofrasi (in Kadikoy) because the food was really good AND because there were a number of women working in the restaurant, which I didn't see at many other places.

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        It is true that most restaurants are staffed by men. There a number of family restaurants as well where it is usually a husband/wife team in the kitchen and their children serving. Klemuri is run by two sisters and their mother- wonderful Eastern Black Sea cuisine. Ficcin is also totally matriarchal.
        Karakoy Lokantasi also has a mostly female waitstaff. But after some anecdotal research with single female friends, I've found that most local restaurants are quite comfortable for single females.

      2. You have probably been on your trip by now, but let me know if you have not!