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Aug 29, 2012 04:48 PM

Inexpensive but good in Chestnut Hill

Planning a trip tp Philadelphia second week in September. Staying near the Chestnut Hill farmers market (which, I understand, does not run every day). Need some suggestions for good but inexpensive ($6-$20 an entree) places for lunch and dinner: Chinese, Italian, Mexican, American, diner. Will be with older people so no bar scenes, please. Not traveling with children so hild-friendly is not necessary.

Also, are there any places nearby that are worthwhile: bakery, ice cream shop, coffee bar, etc.?


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  1. Will you have a car? Are you dining alone or will you be dining with the people you are staying with?

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      Yes, will have a car. Will be dining with at least on other person, most likely up to four people total.

    2. OK, so my first suggestion *is* a bar, but no bar scene at lunch--Tavern on the Hill. It is small and dark, but it has good food. It's actually a favorite destination when my 80+ mom and I go to the nearby arboretum, when I meet my 40+ friends in Chestnut Hill or when former coworkers ranging from 20's-50's want to meet between the city and the burbs. I have never had dinner there though.

      Cake is certainly the opposite--very light, but again good food. As its name suggests, order dessert.

      Cin Cin is a great dinner destination for Asian fusion. Iron Hill is a decent local chain with good dinners, but is a bar scene on weekends.

      CH Farmers Market is Thurs-Sat. However, if you enter through the back door, the coffee shop is open all week. And although they don't display their gelato Sun-Wed, they will allow you to taste it and buy it ;)

      If you walk Germantown Ave when you arrive you will see a decent assortment of restaurants of all kinds/price points. Also bakeries, coffee shops, gelato\ice cream shops.

      I would also encourage a triip to the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, where you are urged to try before you buy, and Zipf's Candies.

      You will not go hungry in Chestnut Hill.

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        if you have a car, have lunch at Persian Grill on germantown ave about 5 minutes from chestnut hill. great lamb or chicken gyros, basmati rice. very light & good for folks of all ages.

      2. Brendenbeck's in Chestnut Hill on Germantown Ave. is a nice, old bakery and ice cream shop.

        Cin Cin is good but, I believe, a bit expensive. Hooka Hooka (practically nextdoor to Cin Cin) is good an relatively inexpensive. Both are in Chestnut Hill and on Germantown Avenue.

        The Trolley Car diner in Chestnut Hill (border of CH and Mount Airy - near Cin Cin) is good.

        1. Chestnut Hill isn't exactly a wild party scene - there aren't a lot of places there, bars included, where I wouldn't bring older folks. Tavern on the Hill is a good suggestion. I'd probably avoid Iron Hill Brewery, but would check out Cake, and perhaps Cambell's. Cafette can be up-or-down.
          I like both sushi places - Hokka-Hokka and the one at the top of the hill, whose name currently escapes me.
          There used to be a lot of great lunch options, thurs-sat, in the farmer's market; now most are closed.

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          1. re: Bob Loblaw

            I think you mean Ooka at the top of the hill. And, you are correct, it's Hokka Hokka. I always do get that name wrong.

            1. re: JanR

              Osaka's at the top of the hill.

              Speaking of that, Top of the Hill Deli is right behind the bank (I think it's a Wells Fargo?) on Evergreen. Very good sandwiches and prepared foods - you can eat there for lunch (inside or out on the patio), or take food out to Pastorius Park, Valley Green, or a number of other green spaces near the Avenue.

              If you do have a car, or want to cab it, there's Earth Bread & Brewery in Mt. Airy. Flatbreads, salads, and their own house-made sodas as well as beer. I think their prices are very reasonable for dinner, especially if you split a flatbread or two.

          2. Oh, and Kings Garden Chinese, right by the post office in the same block as the Chestnut Hill Hotel, is very good. Not as fancy as Cin Cin, but solid Chinese food. Try the black bean tofu!

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              Metropolitan bakery has a couple of tables for coffee and good desserts. The Night Kitchen Bakery is on Germantown Avenue. They have excellent iced coffee, light lunches, and desserts. I like Osaka for sushi and Top of the Hill is a good place for a casual lunch.