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does a pan with these specs exist?

I would like a large pan similar to a saute pan, that has softly curved/angled sides instead of straight up/down, similar to a fry pan, but taller.

Bonus points if it has a lid with a bit of doming to it.

Would I be looking at a circular au gratin pan? Or.. ? Does it exist?

No brands, just looking for name/style of this. Many thanks!

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  1. There are several kinds in between the typical fry pan and the saute pan. Most noticeably, the country fry pan


    French skillet:


    As for lids, many of them come with lids, but some don't.

    1. HSN: GreenPan™ Elegant Curves Stainless Cook Set and Cookbook Item: 150-067
      This one comes in a set but it looks like it is on clearance at HSN for $99.
      Retail value, $249. They call it a 4 quart casserole with lid here.

        1. Wait, do you want one with a long handle or not?

          1. This sounds exactly like every cast iron skillet I've ever seen, and you can buy lids (domed) for the new Lodge ones. Or, don't you want CI? I guess a 12" skillet has 'walls' that might be ever so slightly shorter than the traditional 3" for a saute, but it should be awful close.

            1. The pan I use a lot that sounds close is a 14" DeBuyer Au Carbone. I use a cookie sheet as a lid.

                  1. This is my everyday go to pan. A WS exclusive, D5 Essential Pan, now available in 4 or 6 qt. No bonus points, flat lid, but it is deep enough to hold larger items.

                    1. As I think a bit more about it, most any large windsor or saucier would be pretty darn close as well. For example Falk's 4.5 Qt Saucier ( http://www.copperpans.com/facosa.html ) or Stew Pan ( http://www.copperpans.com/facostpa.html ) (i.e. saucier with 2 handles instead of one long handle) Is 11" diameter and 3.6" high. Smaller sauciers or windsors will look and feel more like sauce pans, but once you get larger than about 10" in diameter, their proportions more closely resemble a saute. Which kinda makes sense since they are variations on a saute to begin with.

                      1. If it had two loop handles, I'd call it a braiser.

                        1. All-Clad makes a 12" Chef's pan with a domed lid that may be what you are looking for:


                          1. I wish there were a company that would do custom pans using multiple metals and be sort of reasonable on price. Wouldn't it be neat if the OP could get the exact pan? When anyone finds this mythical maker, please start a new thread to announce it so I can get my griddle that truly covers two burners and has SS coating on top and a half inch slab of aluminum beneath.