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Aug 29, 2012 03:56 PM

Great food and cocktails for 12 pp

I'm looking for a recommendation for a lively, fun restaurant
with both great food and cocktails. Downtown preferable. Not Stanton Social, Beauty & Essex, or The Dutch - although they all fit the bill, this group has been there. Any ideas?

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  1. Great food AND great cocktails will be tough, most restaurants don't do great cocktails or can't handle a group that size.

    Fatty Cue
    Empellon Cocina
    Momofuku Ssam
    Tertulia - not strong on cocktails though
    Saxon and Parole

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      Thanks! I've heard mixed things about the food at Saxon & Parole - anyone have a take on that? And what's the crowd like?

    2. Marc Forgione, for the food moreso than the cocktails, though they do have a composed cocktail list. Also, if you wanted to go anywhere afterwards for cocktails, Ward III is right down the block and Silver Lining is also nearby.
      I assume that WD-50 would be too risky for a group of 12, but if they are all adventurous it has historically had excellent cocktails to go along with their food. Have not been since they redid their entire menu, including cocktails, but I wouldn't imagine the quality has fallen.