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Aug 29, 2012 03:55 PM

Great crab cake?

Any advice on where to get a really good crab cake? Not a super mayo'd out version- a legitimately good crab cake. Any place in the metro is fine.

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  1. The only place I have ever had what I consider a legitimate true crab cake in the Twin Cities was at the Oceanaire. That was several years ago in their original location before they went chain. I have no idea what they do today.

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    1. re: Davydd

      I think the crab cake at the St. Paul Hotel holds it's own next to the Oceanaire.

    2. I went to Jimmy's in Minnetonka a few weeks ago and was really pleased with their crab cakes. It seemed like a lot of meat and almost no "filler."

      1. If you are not opposed to heating a little olive oil or butter in a pan and settling for your own home ambiance, then Coastal Seafoods makes two crab cake styles that are the best I've had in the Twin Cities.

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          I love those crab cakes at Coastal (thanks to St. Paul Susie's recommendation long ago). I can't remember which is which, but one versoin is more "diet" friendly than the other. They have them at both the Minneapolis (frozen) and St. Paul (thawed from frozen) locations, but they are made in Minneapolis. When I'm running super low on time and want a quick meal that won't heat up my kitchen, I swing by the St. Paul location and pick up a few thawed crab cakes and some salad greens. You heat the cakes in a skillet for a short while and you're good to go.


          1. Excellent Blue Crab Cake at Salut Bar Américain on Grand Ave. in St. Paul.

            1. Following up- got the crab cakes at Coastal Seafoods and they are very good- as good if not better than what you'd get in a restaurant. A touch salty for my taste (but I seem to taste more than others) but otherwise wonderful flavor and consistency.