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Aug 29, 2012 03:47 PM

Los Angeles Neighborhood of the Month September - Voting

We're going ahead with the neighborhood of the month are the neighborhoods that we've narrowed down in the voting thread. I have included only the neighborhoods that were mentioned/favored by more than one person.

Please vote for only 1 neighborhood, using ALL CAPS. The choices are as follows:


KOREATOWN (approximately 1.5 x 1 mile, using the borders of Western Ave, Pico Blvd, Vermont Ave, 3rd St)

EAST LA/BOYLE HEIGHTS: the area enveloped by the Golden State Freeway to the west, the San Bernadino Freeway to the north, the Pomona freeway to the south, and the Long Beach freeway to the east (about 2 miles by 3 miles)

SAWTELLE CORRIDOR between Santa Monica Blvd and Pico Blvd (approx 1 mile)

Voting will go until August 31 at 10 AM PST. Here's a link to the nomination thread:

Dave MP

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    In my mind, the Sawtelle corridor ends just south of Olympic, so in order to be inclusive of those last few restaurants, I would use Pico.

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    1. re: aching

      Thanks. I've adjusted this in the original post


      That said, for the sake of keeping things simple, can we say The 5 to the west, The 10 to the north, The 60 to the south, and The 710 to the east? (Street boundaries would be even better, but since I don't know the area -- why I'm voting for it btw -- I'll allow that it might be more helpful to establish a perimeter using freeways instead of streets. I don't know why that would be the case, but will accept it and have no problem if it is.)

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      1. re: vegetablelasagna

        The freeways that you listed are the numerical names for the ones I put in the voting thread. I can adjust the post if you think that'd be clearer....but it's the same thing.

        Also, I think it's great that you're voting for a neighborhood that you don't know as well. While the Sawtelle Strip has some great restaurants (including new ones), it's hardly unexplored territory for Chowhound. I was hoping the focus would be more on areas that people don't often read about. But ultimately it's up to LA hounds to decide!


        1. I'm voting for East LA/Boyle Heights as it is the neighborhood I know the least

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          1. re: bad nono

            Please remember to cast your votes in all caps, otherwise they won't be counted

            1. re: Dave MP

              dammit I forgot, thanks EAST LA/BOYLE HEIGHTS