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Aug 29, 2012 03:39 PM

Anything new in Dallas

I am coming to Dallas in Sept. I have eaten at Nona, Abacus, Fearings, Pyles, Mansion and even Lucia (was amazing). I have also tried most of the steak places. I was wondering if there is anything new to try.

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  1. You should try some of the great places in Oak Cliff.
    Hattie's, Smoke, Mesa, Boulevardier and, Oak Cliff's great new seafood restaurant, Driftwood. Newly opened Newly opened

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    1. re: twinwillow

      Forgot Bambu (Thai), Pera (Turkish), Lal-Quila (Pakistani), Aslam Biryani (Indian - Biryani only), Sushiism (Japanese)

      Oak, Acme F&B

      1. re: twinwillow

        I am with some people who will want to "fine dine" at least one night and these all seem a bit casual......will definitely do some of these on other nights though. I wish York Street was still open! Any new places for fine dining?

        1. re: blanford

          Oak is fine dining, is it not? Any specifics of what your dining companions are looking for in a fine dining experience?

          1. re: foiegras

            OK will look into Oak. As I said we have eaten at all the restaurants I mentioned on my post and loved them , but was checking to see if anything I guess something similar to the experience at the places I listed.

            1. re: blanford

              You can add in Restaurant Ava out in Rockwall to your list of higher end places that you have yet to visit

              In defense you just asked for new restaurants not high-end new restaurants. I did take some time out before I posted to check where you were from, not much info on the profile and it was hard to get a judge on where you are from your previous posts.

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                I am from Nashville Tennessee.......I just love a place with great food so high or low end does not matter to me. I loved York Street and thought it was the best by far. I also love Lucia as well as Fuel City Tacos and love a grat dive! However , at least one night the people I am with will want a "high end" place one of the nights. haven't been to The Mansion in is it? Will look I to Tei-An .

                1. re: blanford

                  The Mansion would be my first choice by far!

                  Tei-An is high end Japanese and quite innovative. And also very good.

                  1. re: twinwillow

                    Just wanted to note that there are also fusion options. Some of my favorites are the braised tongue and the short green soba with braised BBQ brisket. (Both the chef and I are into braising ;)

                    1. re: twinwillow

                      What about The Mercury or Pyramid? Also if you had to choose between Fearings, The Mansion and Abacus which would you pick?

                      1. re: blanford

                        Can't speak for the others but I feel The Mansion would give you the desired experience. The Mercury is terribly over rated and I think to a certain extent, although still quite good, so is Abacus.

                        I haven't been to the Pyramid Room since the recent chef change but from what I've read, it could possibly be quite good.

        2. I'm not sure there is anything new that matches Fearing, Pyles or Mansion in terms of fine dining. The trend has been more in line with Lucia: exceptional food in a more casual, but still trendy, setting.

          First on my wish list is Campo in Oak Cliff. Oak was a mild let down in my only visit, still way trendy and packed, with a menu and staff with lots of potential but hasn't hit it stride yet. Same could be said for Driftwood, but for slightly different reasons.

          I'd also consider Tei-An and Samar. Wolfgang Puck's 560 is fantastic as well, don't let the celeb chef's name fool you. Bijoux's more relaxed menu is getting good reviews, makes sense because their older prix-fixe/tasting menu was good (and expensive). Smoke is far from fine dining, but one of the city's restaurants your not likely to find in other places.

          Al Biernat's is more than good steaks, if you haven't been there yet. And Javier's is a Dallas insitution among the park cities set, definitely solid "Mexican" fare in an old-school, classic setting.

          But...I'd probably just eat at Stephan Pyles again, it never disappoints.

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          1. re: sike101

            Agree with Tei-An, and Marquee would be another option. I was also thinking of Samar. Charlie Palmer at the Joule is converting to steak ... has that happened yet/has anyone been?

          2. The French Room at the Adolphus.

            1. Tei An is not on your previously visited list, but does provide a nice experience.

              1. I hear that Perry's is quite good.