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Aug 29, 2012 03:02 PM

Cooper City,West Broward

Good friends of ours just moved to Cooper City and were bemoaning their foodie fate. I assured them that Chowhounds would help. They will travel for food.

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  1. I don't know the food scene down there as well as I used to (grew up in Pines, moved to Delray), but can give a couple suggestions.

    First, my family's go-to special occasion place (it's in Cooper City!) - La Brochette -
    This place, in terms of food and service is amazing. Make sure to try one of the specials, they are always changing and are always good.

    If they're not from Miami (where this has been around a bit), 100 Montaditos just opened at Pines and Hiatus. I've been to Spain, and their bitesize sandwiches reminds me of it so much. Also, Mahou and Tinto de Verano.:)

    If they like Japanese, Marumi isn't that far of a drive. It's on Sunrise, about 2 blocks east of Pine Island.

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      I second La Brochette. I haven't been to Elle's in a while, but they are very good. They're located in Miramar. Sometimes inconsistent, but they are one of the better places around here. I believe they turn into a night club/party atmosphere place on the weekends now.

      If your friends are willing to travel east, Il Mercato in Hallandale is one of my favorite spots. Their pastas are solid, and all my meals there have ranged from very good to great.

      1. re: madtheswine

        Il Mercato was great - however, I think David left and started his own place. The food, and moreso the service, has been mediocre since that. Have you had a different experience with the new staff?

        1. re: kevdog

          I haven't noticed a drop-off in service. I always order the salmon and whichever pasta dish calls to me that night and have never been disappointed. My wife usually orders the spaetzle and whatever catches her fancy and she hasn't noticed a drop-off either. The salmon has been a staple since I first went sometime in 2010 so maybe it's just something they have down-pat.

          Next time I go, which will probably be this w/e, I'll try and venture out a bit. I used to try everything on their menu until I hit the salmon dish. The barley is always spot-on. Having made barley at home, I am in awe of any place that nails it like they do.

          1. re: kevdog

            Mike (sommelier, running the front of the house) and his wife, Emily (cooking out back) own the place. Who is David, and why'd he leave?

            1. re: southocean

              Sorry - you're right. I'm getting my restaurants mixed up. Mike is supposed to be opening up his own place closer to Sunrise in the next few months, is what I was informed. I'm not sure if Emily left with him. Hopefullly it will be somethhing where the kinks that I had noticed have been ironed out. Also, wie tended to order across the board with their menus, and not really sticking to one or two dishes (although spaetzle continued to be a favorite of the kids, and anything pork belly was good for me) - so maybe it was just a few off nights; additionally, we would have long conversations with Mike and he always paid exceptional attention to us. Anyways, I hope the new place does well.

              1. re: kevdog

                Stopped by Il Mercato on Saturday. We tried 4 dishes (Truffle Fries, Spaetzle, Salmon, Pappardelle). All of the dishes except for the salmon was as good as usual. Salmon was overcooked. The spaetzle and truffle fries were better than usual, actually. I tried to venture out and get the special, but I'm a sucker for the usual dishes, so I'm sorry I can't report on it. A coworker of mine went the next night and raved about the pork belly special.

                According to the people there, Mike is out and has been out for a couple of months now, but I didn't ask about Emily. If anyone knows where they're setting up shop next time, please post it on the board.

                1. re: madtheswine

                  Ran into mike lynch this weekend. He said a new place will be up and running in about two months. He's out of il Mercato, but he still runs the wine program there.

                  1. re: madtheswine

                    I'd posted this on another forum, but . . .
                    "Story I'm getting is that Mike has left Il Mercato to start his own cafe -- possibly named DBA Cafe? -- on Federal above Sunrise and just south of 26th, in Fort Lauderdale, near the Whole Foods Market/Dick's Sporting Goods area. Emily, as far as I hear, is still at Il Mercato.

                    Take it for what it's worth, don't quote me, YMMV, etc."

                    1. re: southocean

                      I'll quote you cause I got the same story. It will be called dba.

      2. We live in Western Broward as well, here are the places we enjoy:

        Marumi Sushi (Sunrise)- Awesome Japanese food. They have an option for a fresh whole fish (that you pick yourself) cooked how you want. Tell them to let the chef do whatever he thinks is best.

        Bash Cafe and Wine Bar (Sunrise) - Awesome comfort food. Doesn't look like much from the outside but everyone I send there loves it and goes back often.

        Kristof's Kafe (Davie) - Awesome brunch on the weekends (especially the strawberry and cream french toast) and a pretty good everyday dinner spot. Nothing fancy but consistent good food.

        Bru's Room (Pembroke Pines) - Triple Threat extra wet wings. My all time favorite wings.

        El Agave Azul (Davie?) - Really good Mexican food

        Those are the everyday ones off the top of my head. I'll list some more when I think of them.

        1. 10057 Sunset Strip, Sunrise they will find Doris Market. An Italian mega-market with good meats, pastries, house made sausages, fruit and vegetables. In same plaza is New York Mart, a large Chinese/Asian market. Those two will cover a lot. Same plaza has a small sushi place and a fancy Chinese restaurant.

          Ikea is close to them and has interesting Swedish food imports

          1. for the best wings and bar food landlubbers on griffin and nob hill (palm ave) theres no better around

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            1. re: seminole phil

              Have not tried Landlubbers yet - I'm from Buffalo and try wings everywhere I go - I REALLY hope they measure up, I'm craving for the real deal!