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Aug 29, 2012 02:07 PM

Frozen gyro meat?

You know how they have steakumm meat, does anyone know where I can find frozen gyro meat like that or if it even exists?!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen it at Restaurant Depot which may mean that Costco also has it. Gotta have a card to shop at either place, but more people here, I suspect, have a Costco card than a Restaurant Depot card.

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        The one I go to is in Alexandria on Eisenhower Ave in that industrial section between Edsall Rd and the city of Alexandria. There's one in Baltimore and another in Capital Heights. You need to come up with something that tells them that you're in some sort of business or are authorized to purchase for a non-profit organization.

        "*Restaurant Depot is wholesale only. To qualify for a free membership account, on your first visit you need to show a valid reseller's permit (business license) or tax-exempt certificate (for a non-profit organization) and show proof that you are authorized to purchase for said business or organization."

        I just did a search and they indeed have frozen gyro meat, several varieties, both by the box already sliced, about $20 (not sure what size) and also those truncated cones that you see in the gyro shops (about $90). You gotta be having a big gyro party, like eating gyros a lot, or be a restaurant.

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          Oh so I can't just go there as an individual?

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            No. It's not really the kind of place where individuals shop because nearly everything is in large quantities. I have a business license (has nothing to do with the restaurant business) and got a card to be able to go there a couple of times a year just to buy lump charcoal in big bags. Even that's not as good a deal as it used to be. It's doubled in price since I first started buying it there and buying it in smaller bags at Whole Foods or Home Depot is almost the same price per pound and a much shorter trip.

            Obligatory on-topic reply: You can grill your gyro meat over lump charcoal.

    1. The have had it at GrandMart in Laurel. Is actually pretty good.

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          So I just called there and they seemed to not know what I was talking about and they didn't speak English so maybe they do have it but just didn't understand me?

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            This is the brand I always look for
            The boxes aren't that big since pre-cut is just a side thing for most fast food places. Just check your local food distributor, most sell cash and carry.

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              I find the pre sliced gyro meat inedible. It's the texture of bologna with what looks like specks of feces in it. Utterly devoid of flavor, not even salt. The difference between that and carved-off-the-spit gyro is night and day. There may be a frozen halal version that tastes like real gyro, but I've never seen it.

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              I will check with the wife again, but she said that's where she gets it. We have some in the freezer now, but had taken it out of the box to save room, so I'm not sure what brand it is. I know it said Halal Gyro meat on the box

        2. you will find it in most halal and middle eastern groccery stores

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            Do you have any halal and middle eastern grocery stores that you recommend?

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              I found it at Pars Market in Columbia on Snowden River Pkwy! Thanks for all your help!