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Aug 29, 2012 01:57 PM

Chicago Vegetarian-Friendly Gift Certificate Ideas for Wedding Gift?

I like to give restaurant gift certificates as wedding gifts, and I'm looking for relatively upscale, vegetarian-friendly ideas for a friend getting married in Chicago. They've been to Green Zebra a lot, so I'm looking for something different. One eats meat and one does not. Not super adventurous eaters, but they like a variety of ethnic foods. I'd like to spend $150-200 on a GC and know that that would cover most, if not all, of a nice meal. Many thanks!

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  1. Not sure about a specific restaurant offering a GC. Might I suggest you go with a credit card GC (Amex, MC, etc), so the happy couple can decide where to go? If you want to include some suggestions, that would be a nice touch. I'd suggest Sable as a possible venue.

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      I agree, a credit card gift certificate offers maximum flexibility - not only for which place they choose, but also the fact that if they don't use the whole thing, they can use the rest elsewhere, without being forced to return to the same place.

      Another possibility is to get gift cards for the Lettuce Entertain You restaurants. They have several dozen restaurants in the Chicago area, with a variety of concepts and price points, so again, it gives them a lot of flexibility. Many of their concepts are vegetarian-friendly.

      Similarly, you could get them a gift card for the Levy restaurants, which include Tony Mantuano's Spiaggia, Cafe Spiaggia, and Bar Toma, and Fulton's, all with items for vegetarians.

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        I was also going to suggest a Lettuce Entertain You gift card, they have a wide variety of restaurants, with many vegetarian options at a huge variety of price points. It's a great gift.

    2. they could get two+ dinners at mana out of that. it's veggie, but i've never had a meat eating friend complain about going there, it's fantastic and one of the most underrated places in the city in my mind.

      or lula, very veggie friendly, but with high quality meat products too. i'd say you could get two nice meals with wine for 200, or one nice meal with great wine for 150.

      1. Sable is always a big hit with vegetarian friends - the range of options are great. At that price range, you could also consider Mercat a la Planxa which has a great range of vegetable tapas.