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Aug 29, 2012 01:19 PM

Chris and Rob's Chicago Taste Authority?

I just notice they deliver. Delivery joints that aren't pizza or Chinese (or Green Mill or Jimmy Johns) are pretty rare, so I just wonder what people thought of the food at C&R. I've never been there.

(Lulu's delivers, by the way).


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  1. The Chicago Dogs and Italian Beef Sandwiches are good, I would stay away from everything else on the menu though.

    1. The Vienna hotdogs are of course good, the poppy seed buns are good, and while I am a fan of chili dogs in general, do not under any circumstances order a chili dog from Chris and Rob's. I don't know if it's a Chicago thing or not, but the chili they use is quite thin and has beens, that is not hotdog chili. The chili sauce at SA is better.

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      1. re: John E.

        I agree John E. 1000% with the chili dogs. I can almost guarantee they use Hormel Chili.

      2. Yeah, the dogs and Italian beef sandwiches are good (esp. with spicy peppers. yum!). It is hard to eat healthy there so keep that in mind if that's a concern of yours. I will say that their side salad is better than I expected, with nice, fresh Romaine. Certainly nothing to write home about, but - like I said - better than expected.

        1. I've eaten at the Minneapolis location once, but I'm practically next door to the St. Paul location. As other posters have mentioned, anything with a Vienna Beef sausage is good. The Italian Beef is good (though not as good as I remember from Chicago). The pizza is meh, but if the idea is to not order pizza for delivery, you wouldn't be ordering that anyway. :-) We've had the salads there; they're okay, too.

          Maybe not a Chow destination, but as a break from the usual delivery, it'll work.

          1. Thanks folks. Upon re-reading this thread, the idea of having hotdogs delivered seem ludicrous, but maybe those beef sandwiches might be worth a shot.


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            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              The Italian Beef with cheese and hot peppers is superb. The dogs are quite good. I think their pizza is pretty compotent. My kids like the cheese kurds.

              But forget delivery -- the reason to go there is because they broadcast all the BEARS games.