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Aug 29, 2012 12:17 PM

Ebay & Vitamix warranties?

Has anyone had a problem registering a Vitamix bought from Ebay? They ask you when it was bought and where it was bought on the form but you don't have that info buying from there. If you mention it was a gift you still don't have that info if you try and fill it in online. I assume they go by the serial # as to how old a machine is. I read that some people bought theirs there and I was wondering how they registered it and how Vitamix feels about machines bought from Ebay.

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  1. blondelle,
    Assuming you are using PayPal and have a credit card or cards on file, check your monthly billing. You should find your purchases and they probably will not say eBay of PayPal but some other name or maybe just "private service".

    If you find a good deal, you can sometimes list the purchased from information under the sellers store name or site which is to the right of the product description. Example:. The store is Michael - Adams, and is listed at :

    To be honest, I did not find truly great deals on eBay for VitaMix when we went looking so I bought direct from VitaMix. But one never knows. And considering the investment, saving a couple of dollars was, for me, just not worth the risk. And no, I am not the seller. Just an example. Good luck.