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Aug 29, 2012 10:22 AM

Where to buy quality raw chicken wings, preferably natural or organic?

I love making Buffalo wings at home. But I've had a harder time finding raw chicken wings lately. They're hit and miss at the standard grocery stores like Safeway, Lucky's or Nob Hill. The Asian markets, such as Marina or 99 Ranch, often have them, but they sometimes don't look good -- off-color or bloody or cut poorly. I saw them once at Trader Joe's, but never again. Whole Foods sometimes has the natural / organic kind, but they're pricey.

Do you know of a place on the Peninsula or in San Francisco that always has chicken wings in stock, that look to be good quality, and may even be natural or organic?

Thank you! I need my Buffalo wing fix this weekend!

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  1. Lunardi's in either San Bruno or Burlingame always has a selection of chicken parts on hand. If you are looking for a large quantity I would call ahead and ask them to set some aside for you.

    They have a full service meat counter. The web site says they sell Fulton Valley chicken.

    1. I believe Marin Sun Farms sells them. They are at several farmers markets, including the Ferry Building, and stores. Might want to call in advance to see if available.

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        I've seen 5lb bags frozen at Marin Sun Farms store in Rockridge Market Hall. I think it's $15 and come with the pedigree you want.

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          Yes they do sell them. I have a couple of packages in my freezer from the MSF CSA. too bad - we don't really like them.

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            What don't you like about the wings?

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              Yeah, I'd like to know what's wrong with them, too. Sounds like a pretty good price. Are they organic?

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                I just don't like chicken wings - nothing wrong with MSF - should have been specific.

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                  Use them to make some great chicken stock.

          2. As the other posters have suggested, I would contact your preferred store and order them in advance.

            1. Man Sung on Grant Ave. is my go-to spot for chicken parts. It sells Petaluma Poultry (local, free range) and the selection is on display in the window. Cleaner and fresher than 99 Ranch to my eye. More info here,

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                Thanks for the recommendation and the link to the similar question, Melanie!

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                  Petaluma poultry is good stuff. It's the freshest you can get in the north bay unless you slaughter the birds yourself.

                  Chicken wings contain marrow and connective tissue. They are ugly and will look bloody...There are no pretty chicken wings. That's why they are always served in some sort of pink red mask the ugly bloody nature of the wings.

                2. Thanks for all the recommendations, everyone!

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                    The cleanest, nicest ones I've seen are at Bryan's (Calif/Laurel), $3.99 lb. Closed on Sundays (and, this Labor Day).