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Aug 29, 2012 09:47 AM

Dupont Circle takeout options?

I'll be there later today and would like to pick up some food to bring back for dinner. I've had a hankering of late for Peruvian chicken. Any good places for this in the area? I noticed there's a Moby Dick nearby. I figure I'll go there, unless I can find a better option, just to give you an idea of what I'm thinking about -- basically flavorful and relatively inexpensive fare.


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  1. If you can swing by before 4, I definitely recommend Greek Deli, though he may run out of the best stuff by then:

    Closer to Farragut North, but really a short walk on a gorgeous day like today, Roti is one of my absolutely favorites. Get extra hot sauce:

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    1. re: katecm

      Wow. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Menu looks great. I could probably get there before 4 but I don't think I should really carry a bag full of fragrant food to my meeting this afternoon. Will definitely keep in mind for future. Still open to ideas. Thanks again

      1. re: uwsgrazer

        uws - if you're talking about Greek Deli, it's delicious and it's not overly fragrant, or just shove it into a ziplock. I can't rave about that place enough. and it's usually enough food for 2 meals. when the sad day Kostas needs to step down I truly hope he's trained some stand-ins well (I'm guessing it would take at least 2 to do what he does)

        1. re: hill food

          hill food -- yeah, I was referring to Greek Deli. I had read katecm's post on my iPhone and didn't realize till now that Roti was actually a second suggestion.

          I'm a wimp, what can I say. I had appointments in two different locations. As tempting as it was, it would have been too hard to lug dinner food for four people to two places, and then carry everything back home on the metro -- several hours later. Definitely have Greek Deli on the list for another time.

          hamster, thanks for all those ideas. I'm in the area often enough so it's good to have a bunch of food options.

          I ended up getting takeout from Nando's Peri-Peri chicken, on 18th Street. Food was delicious and worked out perfectly; everyone was happy with the dinner. I assumed it was Peruvian chicken but I just noticed how on the website that it's Portuguese. Very tasty, definitely a winner.

          1. re: uwsgrazer

            HA! yeah when I took a job up that way folks wanted to talk about career opportunities, but I was saying "and just think of the lunch options!"

      2. re: katecm

        Greek Deli: what would count as some of 'the best stuff"? I hope dolmades, which are already on the short-list. Anything else?

        1. re: uwsgrazer

          I don't care for dolmades, so have no opinion. the gyros, souvlaki, spanakopita, the taramasalata, the moussaka.

          anything on special really, the leavened bread served on the side is excellent.

          1. re: hill food

            Thanks, hill food. We stopped by today at around 12:20, I think. The line was out the door! I guess I'm not telling anything you didn't already know. Anyway the food must be really good for people to queue like this. Turned out we didn't have occasion to buy lunch there today but I definitely want to try some of their dishes another time soon

      3. Shophouse, Panas, Bethesda Bagel, Kababji, Kabob House on P Street, Sweetgreen, Teaism. Not sure what time they close, but bit more towards K: G Street Foods, Taylor Gourmet (yes, the new one), BonMi.