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Aug 29, 2012 09:22 AM

STL Lunch Recommendations

I've been to STL a number of times, and happy to be returning. We are set for dinner reservations (Vin de Set, Farmhaus and Salt on Thurs, Fri and Sat, respectively) but could use some recommendations for lunches on Thurs - Sat, and perhaps Sunday brunch. One place I had in mind was Bogarts (tried Pappy's last trip and loved it). We'll be staying downtown at the Sheraton. Oh, some breakfast recommendations would be great too -- diner type places or upscale. Definitely want to get back to Soulard Coffee Garden for breakfast one day, but other thoughts?

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  1. Your dinner plans sound great. I LOVE Bogarts and would higly recommend it. Something else. On Thursday, Farmhaus has a nice little blue plate special lunch. The salad is the only thing shared with dinner. It is ten bucks a head. Fixed menu.
    There is an awesome coffee place called SUMP if you are looking for some great joe...
    We love this diner called Southwest Diner for breakfast.
    It gets crowded but all good places do on the weekends.
    You should consider going to Tower Grove Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. Gret time, great food.

    1. Bogart's is outstanding. The baby backs were awesome, and so was the smoked prime rib. I'm still thinking about it, a month after my visit.

      One word of warning - they get very busy. I got there when they opened at 10:30, and it was pretty empty. By 11:15 when I left, most of the seats were taken, and there was a line waiting to order, as you can see in the attached photo.

      For breakfast, I found two highly-recommended breakfast-focused restaurants in my research: Half and Half in Clayton (10 miles west of downtown), and Rooster (downtown). I went to both on my recent trip; you can read about my meals in my detailed trip report at

      1. Although I can't speak to it personally, having only been there for lunch and dinner, I know the brunch at Home Wine Kitchen in Maplewood is very popular. For something just a little different, I like Milagro Modern Mexican (in Webster) for brunch. Cafe Osage in the CWE is also good.