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Aug 29, 2012 09:01 AM


I went to Quatttro Pazzi in Stamford last night. We had such bad ( rude ) service, nothing like Fairfield or Norwalk. The food was not served in a timely manner, and then came incorrectly - 2X - plus it was not flavorful, just full of garlic!! The Marinara as well as the Vodka Sauce, were tasteless. ( just pure garlic ). I won't bother to speak about the appetizers because they were worse. Our waiter never came back to re-fill our drinks... they were not that busy.. We wouldn't go back. Any thoughts?? Do you think we just went on a bad night?

For Dessert, we walked over to VULI on Spring Street. My Husband wanted to taste a flavor of gelato w/one of those mini spoons. ( Nutella ). It was packed that night, so he asked the worker to "toss it", and if he could taste the Salty Caramel. Instead of throwing away the sample spoon, the worker stuck the SAME SPOON IN BOTH BINS OF (2) DIFFERENT GELATOS. How nasty is that? Between our meal & Dessert, I am feel gross!!

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  1. I am not a fan of Quattro Pazzi, I don't think it is quality and the food seems "plastic" to me as if no real cooking is going on there.
    FYI The owners are opening another restaurant in Stamford next to Tengda.

    Your experience at Volta is disgusting! Maybe the worker got confused and thought your husband was handing over a clean spoon... the Gelato there is nothing fantastic anyways and it is so expensive! Better off going to 16 Handles.

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      I heard that the new place was by the same owners as Molto in Fairfield? As far as the Gelato place, ( sorry I spelled it wrong!... grossed -out I guess ), There is no excuse for what happened. Confusion? Really? That is just UN-acceptable, no matter how you look at it. I know my husband is healthy..... How many other dirty spoons were re-used by people w/nasty illness or cold-sores!

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        ZAZA is same owners as Motlo. Quattro Pazzi also owns Osianna, and the new place where Telluride was, Boca. At least according to their website:!__main.