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Aug 29, 2012 08:57 AM

Pre-show Wolf Trap eats?

I'm going to see The king and I on Friday, with my sister. Aside from a picnic-does anyone have suggestions for a meal before the show? Thanks!

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  1. Turmeric, a newish Indian restaurant on E. Maple Ave. in Vienna is great. They have a buffet during the week and every dish was delicious. I particularly liked the Chili Chicken and the rice pudding. Enjoy the show!

    1. Not far is Reston town center and there are numerous options there. We had margaritas and appetizers before a concert and it was perfect at uncle julios rio grande cafe

      1. Rose Kabob in Vienna rocks and while some purists may scoff – Sweet Ginger is a great casual place that allows you to go with a number of pan-Asian offerings.