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Aug 29, 2012 08:03 AM

Cracco, is it worth it?

My wife and I will be in Milan in mid September and have a booking at Cracco where we had tried to go a few years ago (when Chris Peck was still involved). A quick scan of tripadvisor shows a high variation in ratings from "fantastic" to "wouldn't go back". Has anyone been there recently? How does it compare to other michelin starred places (we've been to a number of them in the last two years in US, Italy, Hong Kong).

We're up for innovative but not silly menu items.


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  1. Hmmmm. A lot of innovative dishes at restaurants in Italy seem silly to others, so you'll probably need to be more precise.

    What other Michelin-starred places did you go to in Italy, and did you think it was worth it? Why do you want to eat at Cracco?

    Also, I wouldn't put much stock in TA reviews, especially for expensive restaurants. It is a source of constant wonderment why so many tourists book astronomically priced restaurants and then race to TA huffing and puffing in outrage about it not "being worth it." I'm not saying Cracco is (I've never eaten there and wouldn't know if it was worth it for you even if I had), I'm just saying it's pretty obvious to me that a lot of tourists really can't afford to eat at places like Cracco, and it's a pity they are led to believe it will somehow be "worth it" anyway.

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      We had dinner at La Pergola in Rome and thought it was worth it. Caprice in Hong Kong was very good but I thought the 3rd star was from rounding up, Meadowood in Napa was worth it to me. Hope that helps, thanks for the comments. I also am suspect of TA reviews of high end restaurants.

    2. I really dont's at least one other fairly recent view with some pix and commentary - a little bit garbled if you read through google translate - which might give you a better idea of whats in store.

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