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Aug 29, 2012 07:33 AM

Lunch Recommendations in/near Bala

Hi everyone:

My sister-in-law and I are taking our husbands (identical twins) up to Bala for their birthday this weekend. We're looking for good lunch recommendations in/around Bala or in Gravenhurst.

Thinking about Rebecca's, but am wondering what the prices are like.


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  1. I had a pleasant first-time lunch there two weeks ago. It wasn't very busy.

    Port Carling's Rebecca's prices are about the usual urban standard for fresh and competently prepared food at a restaurant that wants to stay in business. Most entrées were in the mid-teens. Their Crab Cake Eggs Benedict ($15) was judged extraordinary as the two crab cakes were thick with chunky real crabmeat, a rarity in my experience. Their dinner portion of crab cakes was $26. They have a reasonable variety on the menu plus several daily specials. Soups steaks, and seafood appear to be a strength.

    Our service was pleasant and casual. Be prepared for a table side auction when your orders arrive, "OK, who's the trout?". We had to ask for the wine list as our server informed us she didn't like wine so didn't offer it.

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      Thanks. Sounds like interesting service and great food.