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Aug 29, 2012 07:15 AM

Praiano for a non-fish eater

My husband hates seafood (and he has given it many a try over the last 24 years, trust me, he hates it). We're going to Praiano for a week (in a couple of weeks). We're staying at the Hotel Margherita. We will be depending on public transportation for getting around, and don't have any specific excursions planned (I'm nearly fully recovered from unexpected major surgery a month ago, but I still tire easily), so we'll be largely taking it easy this vacation (which is what I'd planned anyway when I booked it).

I'm just a little concerned that it's going to be a challenge finding meals for my husband at local establishments. I'd love to go put myself in the hands of a local chef/cook at a sweet family restaurant, but I'm worried that if I do that, there's not going to be anything my husband can eat. *I* will eat it, but not him.

Are there any tips or suggestions for dealing with this? I imagine hating seafood is something largely unheard of locally. :)

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  1. Never eaten here, but you might want to check it out. It generally gets very nice reviews.

    I once asked a young native of Praiano what was his family's favorite vacation destination in Italy, and he instantly answered: "Toscana! We go to eat meat!"

    Because there are a huge number of meat-hungry or fish-averse tourists visiting the Amalfi every year, many many restaurants include meat on the menu, so your husband won't starve or be forced to eat from the sea. But you should lower your husband's expectations about how good his dinner is going to be if he sticks to meat. I live in a similarly beautiful and fishy part of Italy, with very little grazing land to support meat production, and even when restaurants offer meat, they seldom understand how to prepare it well. La Brace may be different.

    Does your husband eat vegetables? They can be outstanding in Campania. Likewise, the local cheese.

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      La Brace is a slowfood place - should be good - the places up in the hills above Positano (Il ritrovo and Im blanking on the other) also specialize in meat One thing to consider in this area is that cheese and vegetable dishes are superb - you dont have to eat land/sea animals to have delicious meals. Look for grilled scamorza - its fantastic. Pasta courses also are not necessarily fish-dependent and can be wonderful. An many of the best pizza makers in naples come from this region. He will not go hungry, not at all..

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        La Tagliata in Montepertuso is meat-centric. I have not been, but I have been to Il Ritrovo in the same hamlet. The menu centers on non-fish dishes and I would not, in fact, recommend the fish based on my one dinner there. I cannot foresee having any trouble finding vegetable or meat-based dishes at any of the local restaurants, including La Brace, which is on the main road in Praiano. They are known for their pizza as well. Remember to book a day ahead if planning to dine there on a weekend.

        I spent a week in Amalfi a few years back, in the company of a non-fish eater. We had absolutely no problem finding great local fare. After taking a look at the printed menu, I would discuss your tastes with the wait staff who will be used to catering to the tastes of visitors.

        The walk from the bus stop to your hotel is quite steep. Just want you to be aware.

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          Thanks, the hotel staff said they could pick us up at the bus stop, I think we'll be asking them to do that. Also, I expect we'll eat there a fair amount. :) I think breakfast is included in our stay, but maybe not.

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            I was going to suggest Montepertuso as well. My husband--who also hates seafood--and I spent a week on the Amalfi Coast, centered in Ravello, and he had no problem finding plenty of food choices. Like Erica, I was also going to suggest Montepertuso for good options. Just getting slightly removed from the coast changes the menu a bit. We were thinking about La Tagliata but chose Scirocco instead at the recommendation of our cab driver. My husband was happy to have a good steak there.

        2. re: barberinibee

          He is pretty picky about veg. So I can't really count on that. He can't stand eggplant or summer squash or zucchini. Hates mushrooms. No to artichokes and most bitter greens. nothing even resembling a cruciferous vegetable will be eaten.

          He loves cheese and pasta though. He's good with fresh greens when they are sweetish. Likes bread and potatoes. Sounds like he won't starve or be completely underwhelmed. Specially if the pastas are fresh or made in house. His capacity for pastas is great. :)

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            I'm not sure how commonly offered they might be in Praiano or nearby, but a classic Neapolitan-Campanian meat ragu (beef genovese, lamb castrato, pork or beef involtini, etc.) served with pasta would be an option. Grilled fresh sausages, too, I'd imagine. And tomato salads.