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Aug 29, 2012 12:11 AM

Why didn't I listen!??

You're at a restaurant you visit on occasion when you're in the mood for a specific dish which has always been well-prepared; however, when you open the menu, you see a special that really draws you in. When the server comes to take your order, you say that you're considering the special instead of your regular dish. You ask the server their opinion and the server says that they really like your regular dish and does not say anything about the special. So, you ask about the special, again, and the reply, this time, is that a couple people have ordered it this evening but most people have been ordering your regular dish and those customers have been very happy with their meals. You decide to disregard the advice, that you requested, and go ahead and order the special.

Your dish is brought to your table and as your server is walking away, you take a bite. As the taste registers and you realize why only a couple of people had ordered the special, a voice in your head loudly screams out "WHY DIDN'T I LISTEN TO MY SERVER!"

When your server comes back to ask how you're enjoying your meal, do you

A: Maintain your pride and say it's delicious and continue forcing several more bites before giving up and requesting a doggie bag for the leftovers, which you promptly throw away upon leaving the restaurant
B: Swallow your pride and admit that the special is awful and ask if can return the special and get your regular dish.
C: ?

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  1. C. I'd thank the server for their advice but say the meal wasnt to your taste. And, no I don't want a doggy bag, thanks. Pay up, tip as usual and leave, telling the server you'll see them next week, or whenever. Make sandwich when you get home.

    A and B just don't work. A becuase why should you force down food you are not enjoying. And B it is not the restaurant's fault that you didnt like your order. Asking for a swap is not OK unless, of course, you are happy to be paying for both plates.

    Seems like most people there also like your regular dish and werent ordering the special. So good for you giving it a try. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. .

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      Me, too -- the waiter was TRYING to tell you, but you weren't the restaurant shouldn't have to take the loss for your mistake.

      1. If it is awful (badly prepared, over/under cooked, ... ), just say it to the waiter; and order something else (it should be "comped")

        If it is not to your taste (it happens), just byte the bullet and order something else (it should not be comped), say it to the waiter.


        1. I'm not sure where pride comes in at all. It certainly seems like the server was trying to diplomatically steer you away from the special----why choke down food you don't like when your honest opinion can be used as feedback for the kitchen?

          I'm with the others: unless it was prepared incorrectly, either order something else or take care of your hunger somewhere else.

          1. C. Eat as much as you want (probably not going to be much, admittedly), and when it comes time to calculate the tip, add a bit because the server really was trying to help you. The takeaway is that sometimes the "special" isn't always something with which the kitchen does a good job, but rather something that they may have over-ordered or that may go bad.