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Aug 28, 2012 10:43 PM

Nice /Upscale Vegan in Santa Maria or San Luis Obispo Area?

Any nice vegan places in the area? I see what look to be a few good lunch places but not much else.

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  1. Santa Maria is home to the Tri-Tip BBQ - it is a meat and potatoes town though many places now at least offer vegetarian options, but probably not vegan. I suspect SLO with college students will offer more choices in the vegan category but even Santa Barbara only recently added two seriously vegan options which from all reports seem to be doing well.

    1. you might contact The Lido in Shell Beach, Koberl Blue in SLO, Thos Hill Organics in Paso, Hoppe's in Cayucos, to see if the chefs/kitchen could deliver what you need. No dedicated upscale/fine-dining vegan in SLO.
      SM--?! pardon me while I snort almond milk out my nose.