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Aug 28, 2012 07:46 PM

Dinner for 8 with out of town work partners

I am hosting a two day research meeting for my project team from out of town. There will be 8 of us total. When they were in town about two years ago we went to Holder one night and Pintxo the other night. Both were a big hit, with uniform praise for Pintxo. Holder was a tad loud. Where should we go this year? Some constraints: one pescetarian/vegetarian (but very flexible), moderately priced (similar to above restos), traditional plates are preferred over shared plates/family style, and generally easy to get to from downtown.

I was thinking of La Salle a Manger for one of the dinners, but it might be a tad too expensive. Club Chasse et Peche, same story, I think. Where would you go? It's fun to show off Montreal's food scene to others!

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  1. How about LeFilet on Mount Royal W. Owned by Chasse et Peche but at a more affordable price point. A fish restaurant but with a good selection of meat dishes.This is a small plate restaurant that encourages sharing. Probably one of my top five restaurants in Montreal currrently.

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      In the same vein as Le Filet, I would recommend Le Bremner in Old Montreal. Other possibilities are Le Locale, au Petit Extra, Chien Fumant (a little more difficult to get to, but worth it), Brasserie T, F Bar, 3 Petits Bouchons.

    2. Bonaparte? Not really trendy, but I recall it being good, and has room for groups.

      1. 1. We have had some great fun at Roi de Plateau. It's a Montreal style portugese restaurant. That means they have a real charcoal grill with hardwood coal. That gets to a much hotter temperature which is great for grilling the fish, sausage, lamb, steaks that they serve there. They import their own portugese wines which are cheap and good. This will be reasonably priced, and delicious. Decor is very humble.

        2. Try Mythos-Montreal Greek; specialty is the hardwood charcoal grill, once again. It's Montreal style Greek. Great fish, octopus, lamb, chicken. In fact, many people think their charcoal grilled chicken is the best in town. Grilled but not overcooked and sloppy. On Thursday-Saturday you can reserve in their room with live band and Greek dancing. Lots of fun. I think they import wines from Greece, including Xinomavros, Aceerticos, Vinsantos, and more. Greek wines are not the best in the world, but there are some very interesting ones. This restaurant is also more humble in decor than Pintxo, but not as humble as Roi de Plateau.

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          Unfortunately, Roi du Plateau is no more. It closed because of problems with pollution bylaws & there is now a poutine joint in its place.

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            Does anyone have a similar Portugese place to recommend that has the great grill and good quality meets? I went to a couple of such places; not that good.