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Aug 28, 2012 07:23 PM

Baja Fresh in Montgomeryville

Just wanted to give this place a shout out. I think it's really well managed. I got the fried fish taco and it was fantastic. The place was freezing from the a/c being cranked so my friend and I ate out on the patio and it couldn't have been lovelier.
My taco was fresh, the fish crispy without being greasy, and perfectly seasoned. I also got a grilled fish taco that had a nice kick to it and even included a slice of avocado. Take that taco bell!
A dude was taking out some trash (who knows might have been the owner or manager) and even asked me how everything was. If the new popeye's (grand opening on friday) is managed half as well I may never cook again.

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  1. That's deja vu for me, because I was at the Baja Fresh in Conshohocken and the same exact thing happened to me and my family. We went in to look at the menu to see if it was allergen friendly for my wife and kids (wife has celiac; son has egg allergy, daughter has soy allergy). We left without ordering, and there was an employee who was on their way back in from taking out the trash. They said the same exact thing (how was everything......did you find everything you were looking for, etc.) and we told them unfortunately no. They then apologized and wished us the best in our search for food and to have a pleasant weekend.

    Not sure if this is a company wide thing or not, but that's pretty good customer service.

    On a side note, has anyone have any reviews on Mesa Mexican restaurant? There is one close to me in Marple, and I know there other one is in Wayne. Their menu shows organic ingredients in their salad which my wife would love. Thanks!!

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      I ate at the one in Wayne about three years ago when I had an office in the area. It is ok, not great. I found the food to be under seasoned, and while they claim everything is organic etc.. the quality didnt strike me as being that much better than other of the upper echelon tex mex fast food restaurants like baja, chipotle, qdoba etc. Its an ok place for lunch is my verdict.

      1. re: cwdonald

        Ok good to know. I am a chipotle fan myself, while my wife prefers qdoba (not as spicy as chipotle). As long as I expect that type of food, thats fine

        1. re: paychecktoday

          I hear ya paycheck. I drove my friend all the way to KOP just because Legal Seafood had gluten free dinner rolls for him. Was a lovely meal. Chipote was like an oasis for us as well. My friend is no longer testing for a gluten allergy but is determined to follow a healthy diet.
          At Baja he got a beans and rice platter. At the diner he gets a veggie platter and a trip to the salad bar. Our restaurant bills are cheaper too, no thanks to moi.

        2. re: cwdonald

          My sentiments exactly, cw. I go to Gateway at least once a week and Mesa has fallen off my lunchtime radar. I much prefer Kebab Cafe or the Taste of India buffet. I'm also warming to Ping Pong after a couple of bad service experiences and mediocre lunch specials. (You do need to order from the special menu but watch out on the heat.)
          I'll make sure to get over to Baja Fresh and, if there are any good Mexican places between Collegeville and Wayne, please advise.

        3. re: paychecktoday

          I really like Baja Fresh, too. Great salads, fish taco's as mentioned, and also like the salsa bar! The little outside patio is nice when the weather is good. Probably wouldn't look there, or any mexican restaurant with a gluten intolerance.

          1. re: truffles2

            Sadly, I must opine on the Conshohocken location. Went for lunch the other day, saw the fish tacos prominently advertised and tried it. Got one fried fish, one grilled fish and one garlic shrimp taco, as a platter, with beans and rice (yes, I was famished)!

            On the plus side, they were very reasonable (I think 8.99) for the whole platter. They do take a bit of time to prepare, but the salsa bar and the complimentary chips held me over. I like the variety they provide with the salsa bar, including mango salsa and ample spicy options.

            The tacos left a lot to be desired, mainly from a construction standpoint. Huge piles of raw, thick sliced cabbage and under ripened tomatoes topped with the fish (decent portions on all) and slathered with their specialty sauce. Frankly, they were impossible to pick up and bite. The cabbage was really off-putting and the proportion was truthfully ridiculous. The garlic shrimp was tasty, but both varieties of fish lacked seasonings and overall flavor. The rice and beans felt like very much an afterthought.

            Maybe my expectations were too high for a fast food Mexican joint; and I'd say I'm sufficiently spoiled from my experiences at Surf Taco, in Jackson, NJ, but I will not make this ordering mistake again.

            The service does get a +1, and all staff was friendly and asked how my meal was. Next time, I'll stick with the quesadilla!

            1. re: mkertello

              Did they include a slice of avocado on the grilled fish taco mkertello? When the manager is present (as with so many eateries in all price ranges) at the montgomeryville location everything is just right.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                I am wondering what's going on with the Horsham location closing.

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  No avocado on any of the tacos, which would have definitely added a bit. Fully agree on the manager's presence making a difference in most all aspects of the experience!

          2. Is popeyes in lansdale really opening on friday? is there a place where that was published?

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              That is what the sign outside the joint says. They redid that site faaast